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II. Listening. 1. Choose the correct variant of plural form of the noun:


I. The lexical test


1. Choose the correct variant of plural form of the noun:

A) man B) men C) mans D) mens E) map

2. Choose the correct variant: Vacations Е last week.

A) shall begin B) begin C) will begin D) was began E) began

3. Choose the correct variant of the negative sentence: He studies at the college.

A) He doesnТt studies at the college.

B) He didnТt study at the college.

C) He will not study at the college.

D) He doesnТt study at the college.

E) He donТt study at the college.

4. Choose the correct variant: Princess Diana Е in 1997.

A) died B) dies C) die D) to die E) were dying

5. Choose the right variant: Alex could not say Е because he didnТt do his homework.

A) no one B) nothing C) some D) any E) anything

6. Choose the correct variant: Look! Arman Е the floor.

A) was sweeping B) are sweeping C) were sweeping D) is sweeping

E) sweeping

7. Choose the correct variant: It Е from 5 till 9 yesterday.

A) were raining B) will be raining C) was raining D) rained E) rains

8. Choose the correct variant: The lesson starts Е five minutes. Hurry Е!

A) for/in B) on/up C) at/on D) in/up E) after/for

9. Choose the correct variant: She used to go shopping Е Sunday mornings.

A) in B) by C) with D) at E) on

10. Choose the correct variant: When I was a small kid, I Е hide-and-seek

A) used to play B) used play C) used played D) was play E) play

11. Choose the correct variant: What is your Е town like?

A) house B) home C) some

12. Choose the correct variant: a person you work with

A) neighbour B) true friend C) colleague

13. Choose the correct variant: your male child

A) neighbour B) son C) daughter

14. Choose the correct variant: David is one of my oldest

backgrounds and we have a lot Е

A) well on B) in common C) in touch

15. Choose the correct variant: a place to drink coffee

A) cinema B) cafeteria C) library

16. Choose the correct variant: Е a school for children between the ages of about five and eleven.

A) secondary school B) high school C) primary school

17. Choose the correct variant: antonymto marriage

A) wedding B) date C) divorce

18. Choose the correct variant: расписание/ сабақ кестес≥

A) course B) timetable C) subjects

19. Choose the correct variant: об€зательные предметы

A) favourite subjects B) elective subjects C) compulsory subject

20. Choose the correct variant: antonym to fail an exam

A) to pass an exam B) to miss an exam C) to exam

II. Listening

Listen to the text УScots AbroadФ and choose the right variant:


1. The first Lord Hamilton married the daughter of the king James II of Е

a) Ireland b) Scotland c) England

2. Where did he go two weeks ago?

a) festival of beer b) French course c) conference of whisky producers

3. What is the main idea of the article?

a) An American man becomes interested in where his family came from.

b) An American man goes to a conference about Scotland.

c) An American man returns to his familyТs home town in Scotland.

4. What did he order on-line?

a) magazine b) bagpipe c) tartan scarf

5. How many people of Scottish origin live all over the world?

a) 13 mln. b) 30 mln. c) 5 mln.

6. There are 75 Е called Hamilton around the world.

a) towns b) websites c) places

7. Where was the man born?

a) Lexington, Kentucky b) Madrid, Spain c) Dublin, Ireland

8. Who told the man about the Hamilton clan?

a) two brothers from Canada b) his grandmother c) his father

9. When is a reunion of Hamiltons?

a) next summer b) next month c) next week

10. How many Scottish names did he count in the conference programme?

a) 425 b) 245 c) 254

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