71. Replace the infinitives in brackets by the appropriate oblique mood:

1. If I (to be) as young as you are, I (to have) a walking holiday. 2. Perhaps, she (not to look) so bad, if she (not to put on) so much weight. 3. He walked slowly as though it (to ache) to move. 4. It (to be) natural for him to go to sleep, 5. It seemed as if all the bare trees, toe bushes, the cut brush and all the grass and the bare ground (to be varnished) with ice. 6. Daddy, if you (to be dressed) in checked ginghams all your life, you (to understand) how I feel. 7.1 (to like) to go hunting there, but I'm afraid I never (to be able) to bear the cold. 8. He looked like an officer. Any one (to be proud) to be seen off by him. 9. He repaid me the half-crown as though it (to be borrowed) yesterday. 10. The girls (not to think) so much of him if they (to see) him then. 11. The young lady was evidently American and he was evidently English: otherwise I (to guess) from his impressive air that he was her father. 12. If England (to sweep away) her hedges and (to put) in their place fences, the saving of land (to be) enormous. 13. Welch said it coldly as if he (to be asked) to make some concession. 14. "I (to be ashamed) of myself, Clara," returned Miss Murdstone, "if I (cannot) understand the boy or any boy." 15. If I (may) suggest I (to say) that it (to be) better to put off the trip. 16. What (may) have happened or (to happen) if Dora and I never (to know) each other? 17. My companion stumbled, the branch he had been holding snapped and he (to fall) if his hand (not to catch) another branch.

72. Answer the following questions:

1. What would you say if you were asked to take part in a concert tonight? 2. Where would you go if you were on leave? 3. What would you be doing now if it were the 31st of December? 4. Where would you like to work after graduating from the University? 5. What would you say ff you were offered to go to the Moon? 6. What would you do if your friend fell ill all of a sudden? 7. What would you be doing now if you were not having a lesson? 8. What would you do if somebody asked you to call a doctor? 9. What would you recommend to a person who has a violent headache? 10. If your friend had been ill how would you help him to catch up with the group? 11. Where would you go to buy some meat (bread, vegetables)? 12, What would you wear to a New Year party? 13. What would you prefer to have for dessert? 14. What would you like to do if it were oppressively hot? 15. What would you do if you had a high temperature? 16. What seats would you prefer if you wanted to go to the theatre?

73. Replace the infinitives in brackets by the correct form of the oblique moods:

1. Even if the doctor (to be) here he (cannot) help you. 2. If it (to be) summer we (to have) a walking holiday. 3. If only he (to avoid) complications! 4. If only I (can) keep from thinking about my troubles! 5. If you (not to walk) bareheaded you (not to catch) cold. 6. But for you I never (to find) a way out then. 7. If I (can) forget everything! 8. If you (not to be) cold you (not to shiver) from head to foot. 9. If this medicine (not to bring down) the fever we (to have to) send for a doctor, 10. If Anne (to pass) her exams in spring she (to feel) a second-year student. 11. If he (to follow) all the doctor's instructions he (to avoid) pneumonia. 12. If the boy (to know) about the Centigrade thermometer he (not to think) of death. 13. If it (to ache) him to move he (not to walk) himself. 14. If he (to hear) your words he (to get) offended.

74. Translate these sentences into English:

I. Как жаль, что я забыла книгу дома. Я бы прочла вам этот отрывок. 2. Я сожалею, что это случилось. Если бы вы там были, вы могли бы это предотвратить. 3. Хотелось бы мне так же хорошо плавать, как, и вы. 4. «Жаль, что я уехал из Кейптауна», — подумал Лэнни. 5. Мы пожалели, что не пошли вместе со всеми в театр. 6. Как жаль, что нам не сказали, что делать в таких случаях. 7. Хорошо бы кто-нибудь пришел к нам сегодня вечером. 8. Жаль, что было так холодно и мы не смогли подольше погулять. 9. Она вдруг почувствовала себя такой одинокой, что пожалела о том, что пришла туда одна. 10. Жаль, что вы не послушали совета врача. Вам было бы сейчас гораздо лучше. It. Как жаль, что ты не интересуешься искусством. Мы могли бы пойти на выставку вместе. 12. Жаль, что вы не включили радио вовремя. Вы бы с удовольствием послушали эту передачу.

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