Vocabulary Notes. 1. Varyυt/i 1. Менять(ся); изменять(ся); разнообразить, Е. G

1. vary υt/i 1. менять(ся); изменять(ся); разнообразить, е.g. Market prices often vary. I try to vary my diet.

Syn. change

2. разниться, расходиться, е.g. Our opinions vary.

Syn. differ

Note: vary is to change or differ partially.

variant n вариант, е.g. This word has two spelling vari­ants.

various adj (a noun in the singular is never used after it)

1. различный, разный, е.g. There are various reasons for my refusal.

2. разнообразный, е.g. I'll give you various exercises on that rule.

Syn. different, е.g. They are quite different people.

varied adj разнообразный (used with nouns both sing, and pi.), е.g. varied climate, scenery, surface, temperature, opinions, sports, etc., е.g. The novel describes the varied ca­reer of an adventurer.

variety n 1. разнообразие, е.g. You must have more va­riety in your food.

2. разновидность; вид, е.g. I've got some rare varieties of such stamps. There are some rare varieties of leaf-bearing trees in the park.

variety-show варьете, эстрадный концерт

2. scene n 1. сцена, явление (в пьесе), е.g. The duel scene in "Hamlet" impressed us greatly. Her acting was wonderful in the last scene.

2. место действия (в пьесе, в книге, в жизни), е.g. In the first act the scene is laid in France. Trafalgar was the scene of a famous battle between the British fleet and the combined French and Spanish fleets.

3. пейзаж, картина, зрелище, е.g. I like the way this writer describes rural scenes. You could see awful scenes after the earthquake.

scenery n (uncountable) 1. декорация, е.g. The scenery was impressive in the last act. They have almost no scenery in that play.; 2. пейзаж, ландшафт, е.g. I prefer plains to mountain scenery. I looked out of the window enjoying the scenery.

3. shallow adj 1. мелкий, as shallow water, a shallow dish

Ant. deep

2. поверхностный, пустой; несерьезный, as a shallow mind, argument; shallow interests; a shallow man, person

Ant. serious (about a person, book, argument), deep (love, feelings)

Note: the Russian word мелкий has different meanings which are rendered in English by means of different words: 1) fine — состоящий из мелких частей, as fine sand, buckwheat, 2) small — некрупный (о достоин­стве монет), as small change (uncountable)', 3) flat — неглубокий, почти плоский, as a flat pan (plate).

4. extreme adj 1. крайний (at or near the end or edge), as the extreme end (edge, border, etc.), in the extreme North

2. чрезвычайный; чрезмерный, as extreme patience (love, kindness, interest)

extremely adv чрезвычайно, as to be extremely interest­ed in smth., to be extremely sorry for smb., smth., etc.

5. supply υt снабжать, е.g. In our hall the students are supplied with all the necessary furniture and bedding. Who will supply the expedition with all the necessary equipment?

supply n (often pl) запас(ы), е.g. This shop has alarge supply of winter coats.

to give a good supply of, е.g. These forests give a good supply of timber.

6. shape n форма, очертание, е.g. I don't like the shape of his nose. This sculpture hasn't got much shape, I should say.

Syn. form, outline

in the shape of, е.g. I want to get a brooch in the shape of a horseshoe.

shapeless adj бесформенный, е.g. He had a ragged coat and a shapeless hat on.

shapely adj красивой формы; стройный, хорошо сло­женный, as a shapely figure

7. channel n канал, a stretch of water wider than a strait, joining two seas or separating two bodies of land, as the English Channel, the Bristol Channel

Syn. 1. ca'nal канал — a channel for water made by man, not by nature, used for ships or for carrying water to places that need it, as the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, the Vol­ga-Don Canal, the Fergana Canal; 2. strait пролив — a nar­row channel of water connecting two large bodies of water, as the Magellan Strait, the Strait of Dover

8. value n ценность, значение, е.g. The literary value of that book is not great. I don't believe you realize the value of his advice.

to be of great (little, some, no) value to smb., е.g. In some years his pictures will be of great value. This book will be of no value in your studies.

value υt 1. ценить, дорожить, е.g. I greatly value his friendship.

Syn. appreciate (о)ценить высоко, по заслугам, е.g. We all appreciate aholiday after a year of hard work. I greatly appreciate your kindness.

2. оценивать, е.g. He valued the house for me at £ 800.

valuable adj ценный, е.g. It's a valuable picture.

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