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EXERCISES. I. Paraphrase the following using Patterns 1-3:

I. Paraphrase the following using Patterns 1-3:

P a t t e r n 1: 1. By the end of the working-day he usually waited for her at the factory-gate and they went home together. 2. The spring days were warm and sunny, and the children spent much time out-of-doors. 3. When they sometimes asked him about his college days, he always answered that he had greatly enjoyed going to college. 4. The mother never complained; usually she only sighed and went on with her work. 5. Her husband often came back home tired and angry; at table he again and again found fault with the cooking. 6. When we told the mother how good everything tasted, she always said "Hunger is the best sauce."

P a t t e r n 2: 1. He was in the habit of saying that there is no game like football. 2. She always left the dishes unwashed in the kitchen sink and went away. 3. When he was a student he went to the library every other day. 4. My mother always made a splendid chocolate tart for my birthday. 5. When I was a child, our family always went to the seaside for summer holidays. 6. When he was younger, he was a pretty good dancer.

P a t t e r n 3:1. It's something new for me to be treated in this way. 2. Being made fun of was something quite unusual for her. 3. It was not the first time that the doctor was to treat this horrible disease. 4. I always work by such light, it is normal for me. 5. The child was never refused anything and considered it a normal state of things.

II. Make the following sentences emphatic using Pattern 4 as in the example:

Example: My friend told me everything about it.

It was my Mend who told me everything about it.

1. Doctor Temple cured Mrs. Greene's husband of his stomach disease. 2. Steve treated them all to ice-creams. 3. Her brother told us all about that terrible accident. 4. Your rudeness made her cry. 5. My mother does the cooking for all the family. 6. Those books made a deep impression on him and decided his future. 7. This noise doesn't let me concentrate on my work. 8. These students recited their own poems at the last party with a great success.

III. Translate these sentences into English:

1. Он имел обыкновение говорить, что лучшее средство от нервных болезней — труд. 2. Это мама, а не я, так красиво убрала стол цветами. 3. Каждый раз, когда он приходил он приносил мне книга, которые я должна была прочитать. 4. Я не привыкла петь перед такой большой аудиторией, но сегодня спою. 5. Его лечили этим лекарством от ангины, а не от воспаления легких. 6. Раньше ты приходил домой гораздо позже. 7. Каждый раз, когда шел дождь, он чувствовал себя хуже. 8. Ребенок привык, чтобы с ним обращались ласково. 9. Тебе, по-видимому, не нравится доктор Марч? Но ведь именно он вылечил меня от этого ужасного кашля. 10. Время от времени он переворачивал страницу, делая вид, что читает.

IV. Answer the questions: use would or used to.

N o t e:When the meaning is customary, repeated or habitual activity m the past, used to or would are interchangeable, е.g. Our teacher used to give her students a written test every Thursday. She would read them a story every week too.

For greater emphasis on the idea of past custom used to is preferable, е.g. He used to watch a children's program at that hour.

To express volition, or persistence referring to the past would is usually used; е.g. Several times he tried to get away, but they would not let him go.

1. How often would you write a composition when you were in the ninth form? 2. Would your teachers always correct your compositions? 3. Who used to help you with your homework? 4. What would you do during the summer? 5. Where did you use to go for your vacation? 6. When you were a child what did you use to do on Saturday afternoon? 7. What would you usually do on Sunday? 8. When your brother was younger, he used to play tennis, use(d)n't he?

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