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1. a) listen to the text "A Victim to One Hundred and Seven Fatal Maladies", mark the stresses and tunes, b) Repeat the test following; the model.

2. Listen to the dialogue "A Visit to the Doctor". Repeat the text in the interval and record your version. Compare your version with the original and correct your mistakes.

3. Respond to the following suggestions. Begin your sentences with "Hadn't we (he) better.."?

4. Extend the statements. Begin your sentences with "It's time you (he, etc.)" + a verb in the Past Subjunctive.

Write a dictation. Check the spelling using a dictionary.

Translate the given sentences into English. Check them with the key.

7. Listen to the text "Doctor Sally" or some other text on the topic. Get ready to act it out in class.


Crossword Puzzle


1. Stop a hole in a tooth with cement, etc. 3. Seize something with the teeth (also cause a sharp pain). 11. Fill a hole in a tooth with cement, etc. 13. Fibers (волокна) connecting the brain with all other parts of the body and carrying feelings to the brain. 14. Let out the air suddenly through the nose and the mouth (usu. when having a cold). 18. An instrument for measuring temperature. 19. A kind of medicine having good effects on the body. 23. The middle joint of the leg where the leg bends. 25. A hollow in the lungs (каверна). 27. A person who practises medicine and treats people. 28. The drink made by pouring boiling water on dried leaves bearing the same name, often used as a tonic. 29. A coloured liquid used for writing with a pen. 30. Take one's clothes off. 31. Come into two or more parts; crack a bone, joint.


2. Breathing organs found in man and animal. 3. Take air into the body and send it out. 4. Exist. 5. The degree of heat or cold in the air, water, body, etc. 6. Be still, relax after work, efforts, etc. 7. Small spots (red or pink) close together on the skin (usu. a symptom of a disease). 8. Difficulty in digesting food. 9. Be aware through the senses. 10. A catching disease marked by fever and small spots that cover the whole body (common among children). 12. Give medical care to people in order to cure them. 15. A high temperature. 16. The red liquid in the body. 17. The regular beating of the arteries as the blood is forced along them. 20. An open sore (язва, нарыв) on internal organs. 21. A special choice of food ordered by a doctor. 22. Ill, unwell. 24. A person specially trained to look after sick people. 26. A short sleep. 27. Not clearly seen.

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