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XII. Укажите номера предложений, в которых причастие II выступает в роли определения


1. The drug prescribed by the district doctor was very effective.

2. The experiment had to be performed last week.

3. The results of the analysis made last week are normal.

4. This student was said to make a report at the meeting of the Students’ scientific society.

5. The movement of blood from the heart to the body cells through arteries and capillaries is called greater circulation.

6. The increase in the minute respiratory volume during physical exertion is related to the enhanced depth and rate of respiratory movements.

7. The results of the experiment presented at the conference caused a heated discussion.

8. The patient was made by the nurse to follow doctor’s recommendations and thus soon recovered.

9. The work to be done next week is very important for practical medicine.

10. Disease caused by this virus is very dangerous.

11. The drug was tested for 5 times but the results were still poor.

12. Medical examination has been carried out just at the time of the peak of the epidemics.

13. The disease revealed by this method was similar to that observed here several years ago.

14. The blood taken for analysis was transported to the nearest laboratory.

15. These patients were observed by several doctors but they did not find any disorders.

16. The drug was tested for five times but the results were still poor.

17. The disease was revealed by means of USI.

18. Being widely used the method was considered to be safe.

19. These patients were examined by several specialists who did not know about their disorders.

20. Some infectious diseases can be spread only indirectly, usually through contaminated food or water.

21. The results obtained in the experiment will be used for treating patients with respiratory infections.

22. The drug being tested only on experimental animals can’t be recommended for patients.

23. This well-known surgeon came to our clinic.

24. The periodic table of elements was invented by Mendeleyev.

25. Persons infected with streptococci constitute the reservoir and source of infection.

26. The drug widely used in clinic has some side effects.

27. This patient suffering from pneumonia has just been examined by the doctor.

28. The article written by this doctor caused a heated discussion.

29. Blood tests are to be made the day before the operation.

30. When tested the drug was introduced into everyday practice

31. The patient should always follow doctor’s prescriptions.

32. The patient returned to the ward to take the drug prescribed by his doctor in charge.

33. Polluted air can produce depressing effect on human beings.

34. The spread of the disease was due to poor sanitary conditions.

35. The patient observed by the doctor was suffering cholecystitis.

XIII. Укажите номера предложений, в которых использована конструкция «Сложное дополнение»

1. The doctor found the patient to have increased blood pressure.

2. Nobody believed the new epidemics of grippe to be due to the same agent.

3. We knew them to be the cause of many human disorders.

4. The doctor does not like his patients to undergo such kind of treatment.

5. The patient was said to have severe heart disorder.

6. The chief physician would like this young doctor to go to the conference.

7. The scientist was asked to deliver the lecture on the results of his recent work.

8. The doctor in charge expected his patient to recover completely.

9. The patient was to come to the doctor in a week to learn the results of his blood analysis.

10. He worked hard to find the source of the recently appeared infection.

11. Pasteur proved the disease to be caused by bacteria that attacked the central nervous system.

12. At that time it was so important to decide whether the disease was caused by a new virus.

13. All the patients considered it to be one of the best drugs they have ever used.

14. The patient was to come to the doctor in a week to learn the results of his blood analysis.

15. The doctor expected his patient to recover soon.

16. The student was advised to read additional material on the subject.

17. We heard them laugh in the next room.

18. We know the pharynx to be a muscular tube lined with mucous membrane.

19. The drug to be used is a very efficient one

20. Everything has to be done to help the patient.

21. The nurse on duty found the patient's temperature to rise quickly.

22. That girl is expected to make an interesting report.

23. The doctor in charge made the patient follow his recommendations.

24. The nurse saw the patient have gone to the procedure room just before his doctor in charge asked for him.

25. The doctor wanted his patient to follow all his recommendations to recover without any complications.

26. The article written by this doctor caused a heated discussion.

27. The patient is believed to recover soon.

28. Pasteur thought tuberculosis to be caused by microorganisms.

29. District doctor wanted his patient to undergo X-ray examination.

30. The doctor felt the patient’s pulse be increased.


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