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V. Read and translate the text

My name is Sveta Popova. I'm 17. I'm a student of the medical college. Our college is one of the oldest educational establishments of the region with its own traditions. Its graduates are considered to be the most highly trained specialists in the region. There are 7 departments in our college. I would like to tell you about them.

УNursing AffairФ gives qualification of a nurse of general, practice. A medical nurse is a chief assistant of a doctor. She, provides uninterrupted medical health, uncluding preventive and rehabilitation measures. Our graduates work in the poly-clinics, hospitals, kinder-gardens, schools and houses foraged people. If you want to become a doctor assistant you should study at the "Curative Affair" department. A doctor assistant of general practice is a highly-trained specialist who works independently in the policlinics, emergency ambulances and hospitals. His main task includes prescription and performance of preventive, curative and diagnostic measures. The graduates of this department are waited for at the stations of emergency medical help, in the country-side hospitals and in the military hospitals.

УObstetrician Affair" is another interesting department, it offers qualification of an obstetrician. An obstetrician provides preventive and curative medical help to the pregnant women and patients with gynaecological diseases.

Boys and girls whose future profession is dentist study at the УStomatology". A dentist is a highly-trained specialist who works independently or under the guidance of a senior doctor who provides preventive and curative medical help for the population.

"Medical-prophylactic affair" gives qualification of a sanitary doctor assistant, who prevents appearance and spreading of infections and other kinds of the diseases. He controls the influence of the conditions of work and life on a person's health and takes some measures to prevent this harmful influence of the surroundings. They work in the centres of state sanitary inspectors and laboratories of different branches.

A dental mechanic-while studying at the "Orthopedic stomatology" departments a future specialist learns to make artificial teeth and crowns, plastics and porcelain teeth. On graduating from the college they usually work in the dental mechanic laboratories. As for me I am a student of the "Pharmacy" department. My future profession is pharmaceutist. I'll be provided the population with different medicines. My work will demand the knowledge of preventive rules, the rules of herb's preparation and so on.

The graduates of our department will be able to work in the chemist's, pharmacological enterprises, laboratories.I like to study at our college very much.

VI. ƒайте в≥дпов≥дь на питанн€.

1. Where does Sveta Popova study?

2. How many departments are there in the college?

3. What kind of qualification does the "Nursing affair" department give?

4. Who can work at the station of emergency medical help?

5. What does an obstertrician provide to the pregnant women and patients with gynaecological diseases?

6. Where do the sanitary doc≠tor assistants work?

7. What is Sveta's future profession?

VII. —каж≥ть англ≥йською мовою.

студентка медичного коледжу; медична сестра, фельдшер, головне завданн€;станц≥€ швидкоњ допомоги, акушерка, ваг≥тна, зубний л≥кар, медична допомога населенню, умови роботи, шк≥дливий вплив, майбутн€ профес≥€, знанн€.

The Working Day of a Medical Student

–обочий день студента-медика

I. Active vocabulary.

leading Ц ведущих;
Weekday - буднiй день;
graduate Ц аспiрант;
prizeЦ премi€;
departmentЦ вiддiленн€;
training Ц професiйна п≥дготовка; асhievement Ц дос€гненн€;
procedure Ц процедур;
faculty Ц факультатив;
the National Medical UniversityЦ Ќацiональний ћедичний унiверситет; sciences Ц наука;
busy Ц зайн€тий.

II. Guess the meaning of the following words.

Activity, weekday, procedure, regularly, minute, person, Latin, daily sanitation, hygiene, academician, graduate, personnel, reorganize, prize, department, initiative, status, training, leading, faculty, founder.

III. Match the words with the definitions.

1. Worth

2. Fit

3. Effort

4. Routine

5. Department

6. Disciple

7. Surgeon

8. Achievement

9. Honour

10. Facilities

11. to equip

a) the usual order, in which you do things, or the things you do regularly

b) physical or mental energy that is needed to do something

c) having a value in money

d) strong and healthy, especially because of regular exercises

e) to supply with what is needed

f) aids, circumstances which make it easy to do things

g) great respect, high public recognition

h) the doctor, who performs medical operations

i) a thing done successfully with effort and skill

j) a follower of any leader or religious thought, art, learning, etc.

k) one of several divisions of a government, business, shop, university, etc.


IV. Read and translate the text.


I am a student of the National Medical University. I study at the pharmaceutical faculty. My everyday activities are quite routine. They are like those of any other student of our country.

On weekdays the alarm clock wakes me up at 6.30 and my working day begins. I'm not an early bird, that's why it's very difficult for me to get up, especially in winter. I switch on my tape recorder and do my morning exercises. Then I take a coid shower, brush my teeth, wash, dress, and have breakfast. Exercises and cold shower in the morning help my keep fit, so these procedures regularly. As a future pharmacist I believe that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment".

I leave home at about 8 o'clock and go to the university. It takes me about for minutes to get there. We study five days week and usually have three or four lectures a day.

During the first two years we study general sciences, such as chemistry, physiology, botany, English, Ukrainian, Latin, etc. During the next three years pharmaceutical students study special subjects, like pharmacy, pharmacology, toxicology and other.

The sciences we study are difficult, but good knowledge of them is necessary for my future profession. So it takes me much time and effort to do all my homework and prepare for the next day at the university when I come home in the evening.!usually sit up late and as a rule haven't got much free time on weekdays. But when I'm not very busy I like reading, meeting friends and watching TV.

I am a very busy person and have to work hard every day, but still I always look forward to my next working day because I like my studies at the university and I get a lot of useful knowledge and necessary experience here to become a good pharmacist and help sick people.

V. Language development.

1. Fill in the gaps with the words and word combinations from the list.

1) My everyday______________are quite routine.

2) On_______________the alarm clock wakes me up at 6.30.

3) IТm not an early bird, thatТs______itТs very difficult for me to get up.

4) Exercises and cold shower in the morning help me keep_________________

5) An ounce of prevention is___________a pound of treatment.

6) It__________me about forty minutes to get there.

7)_________________a rule I havenТt got much free time on weekdays.

8) I switch on my__________and do my morning exercises.

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