Lesson 3. The Resume. Application Form


Lesson 3. The Resume. Application Form


Exercise 3.1. Read the rules and discuss them.

DOs and DON'Ts For Job Seekers.

DOlearn ahead of the time about the company and its product.

Do your homework.

DO apply for a job in person.

DO let as many people as possible know you are «job hunting."

DO stress your qualification for the job opening.

DO recount experience you have had which would fit you for the job.

DO talk and think as far as possible about the future rather than the past.

DO indicate, where possible, your stability, attendance record and good safety


DO assume an air of confidence.

DO approach the employer with respectful dignity.

DO try to be optimistic in your attitude.

DO maintain your poise and self-control.

DO try to overcome nervousness and shortness of breath.

DO hold yourself erect.

DO answer questions honestly and with straitforwardness.

DO have a good resume.

DO know the importance of getting along with people.

DO recognize your limitations.

DO make plenty of applications.

DO indicate your flexibility and readiness to learn.

DO be well-groomed and appropriately dressed.

DON'Tkeep stressing your need for a job. DON'T discuss past experience which has no application to the job.

DON'T apologize for your age. DON'T be untidy in appearance.

DON'T display «cocksuredness."

DON'T cringe or beg for consideration.

DON'T speak with muffled voice or indistinctly.

DON'T be one of those who can do anything.

DON'T hedge in answering questions.

DON'T express your ideas on compensation, hours, etc. early in the interview.

DON'T hesitate to fill out applications, give references, take physical examination or tests on request.

DON'T hang around, prolonging the interview, when it should be over.

DON'T go to an interview without a record of your former work connection.

DON'T arrive late and breathless for an interview.

DON'T be a «know it all» or a person who can't take instructions.

DON'T isolate yourself from contacts that might help you find a job.

DON'T feel that the world owes you for a living.

DON'T make claims if you cannot «deliver» on the job.

DON'T display a feeling of inferiority.

Vocabulary:application - применение

to hedge – уклоняться от прямого вопроса

Prolong – продлить to hang around - слоняться

Assume – напускать на себя to owe smth. for …быть обязанным

Dignity – достоинство Inferiority – более низкое положение

Maintain poison – сохранять равновесие

To get along with – ладить с кем-либо

Flexibility - гибкость

Cringe – раболепствовать

Muffle – бормотать

Exercise 3.2 .

Write a few mini-dialogues using the following questions:

Should I ... or ... ? Do you think I ought to ... or ...?


Exercise 3.3. Read and discuss the text:


The Resume, which is sometimes called a data sheet or vita, is an OUTLINE of all you have to offer a prospective employee. It is a presentation of your qualifications, your background, and your experiences arranged in such a way as to convince a business person to grant you an interview.

Your resume, with its cover letter , is the first impression you make on an employer. For that reason , it must look PROFESSIONAL and stress those traits you want the employer to believe you possess.

An excellent resume may help you get the job of your dreams and a poor resume may mean a lost opportunity.

Since this is the first piece of information a company will receive about you, it is critically important that your resume be well-written.

It should be presented at the beginning of any interview that you have with a company. Ideally, resume should not be longer than one page.

The contents of a resume can be roughly categorized as: 1) PERSONAL INFORMATION (address and telephone number), 2) JOB OBJECTWE, 3) EDUCATION, 4) EXPERIENCE 5) SKILLS, 6) EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, 7) REFERENCES.

The resume begins with PERSONAL INFORMATION, name, address, telephone number centered at the top page. After your address, a statement of intent or JOB OBJECTIVE should be written This objective should be well thought one from the very beginning since it will influence how you will write the rest of the resume. It should not be too general, e.g.: 'To obtain a managerial position in a Western company."

Think about your job search and career goals carefully, write them down in a way that shows you have given this much thought.

For example: «Objective: To obtain a position in telecommunication that will allow me to use my knowledge of engineering and take advantage of my desire to work in sales.''

Notice that your desire to have a well-paid job is not included in this statement. A focus on money in your resume's first sentence will not make the best impression anywhere in the world, not just in Russia.

After the statement of intent, describe your EDUCATION

List the universities and college:; you have attended in reversed chronological order.

Any studying you have done abroad should be included and courses that you have taken that are relevant.

If you graduated with honors, you should definitely include this. A «red diploma» can be called «graduated with high honors' in English. Do not include your high school.

Your working EXPERIENCE is the next section. List your experience starting with your most recent place of employment and work backwards.

Spell out the exact dates of employment, your position, and the name of the company you worked for.

Following experience, you should list your special SKILLS.

These include your language skills, computer abilities, and any other talent that relates to your statement of intent

When describing your language abilities, it is best to be honest about assessing your level, «Fluent English», «native Russian», «intermediate German», and «beginning French» are all ways to describe your language abilities

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES should be included in the next section. Student or professional organizations you belong to, travel, sports and hobbies should be listed here.

Do not list «reading» or «writing» as an activity It is assumed most people with a higher education do this things

The last section of your resume is the REFERENCE section. List at least two people, not related to you, who can describe your qualification for a job.

Then names, titles, places of work, and telephone numbers should be included, If you do not have space on your resume for this, write «Available upon request». You will then be expected to give this information to a prospective employer if it is requested.

The style and format of a resume are extremely important. Your resume


must be typed, preferably on a computer in order to format it most effectively A neat and well-written resume with no spelling mistakes will give an employer the impression that you are accurate and take care of details

A resume will not get you a job. An interview with a company will get you a job

Sample of a Resume

Nancy Clayd

125 Eastwood River Side

Lancaster, Ohaio 4745

(216) 579- 2356

Career Objective:

To obtain a position as an executive secretary with a large corporation.

Work experience:

January 2005 to present Secretary, the Fortune Garment Corporation, 270

Windsor Second Street, Lancaster, Ohaio. Responsible for general running of the office of a large Limited Company ; duties included typing, filing, answering telephone calls, scheduling business appointments, etc.

September 1995 to March 2005 Receptionist , Mc. Millan Jeans , 405, South Prinston

Street, Parklane , Michigan.

April 1992 to September 1995 File Clerk , Ajax Insurance Company, 123

Westgate Avenue, Parklane, Michigan


September 1990- March 1992 Judson Secretarial School , Lancaster, Ohaio


Courses in : 1990Typing, filing, business machines operations


Special Skills:Typing 85 w.p.m.

Languages: French, Spanish

References:Dr. Greg Thomson,owner of the

Fortune Garment Corporation 345

Windsor Second Street, Lancaster. Ohaio



Outline –наметить, probationary period –испытательный срок

possess - владеть , full time contract – контракт на полную guideline - указания, занятость

promotion - продвижение to butt in –вмешиваться бесцеремонно

extra time- сверхурочное время

improve consumers’ service – улучшить обслуживание потребителей

commission payment –комиссионные выплаты

quarterly sales – квартальные продажи

end-of year’s bonus – премия по итогам года

discount –скидка revenue, - годовой доход

to propose- предполагать

exploit business opportunities –использовать возможности ..

to issue - выпускать, печатать track record –послужной список

employee turnover – текучесть кадров

aptitude test - тест на профпригодность

training costs – обучение, liaise - арендовать

to complain – жаловаться flair – склонность,чутьё

short listed candidates –краткий список кандидатов,

score - счёт,

Date   Dr., Mr., Ms Title   Company, Institution )   Address   Dear Sir/Madam:   State your reason for writing. You will either inquire whether any positions are available or you will say which position you are applying for. If you are applying for a specific position identify the source of the information (a person, a newspaper, including date, etc.)


Describe your educational background and professional experience. Focus on those things from your resume that best relate to the position you are applying for. •


Say you are enclosing your resume and/or other supporting material. State your willingness to provide more information and to be interviewed.


Thank them for their consideration. Say you look forward to hearing from them.


Sincerely yours, (signature)


Your name


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