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Ex. 9. Join the halves of the sentences


1. Recruiting good people is a. careless and disgruntled workers.
2. Proper utilization of people is b. means a high staff turnover.
3. The main objective of the personnel function is c. than a poorly-chosen one.
4. A poorly-selected labor force d. to recruit and maintainan efficient work force.
5. The most expensive equipment is ineffective in the hands of e. a difficult task.
6. People who work a territory for years f. is called a motive.
7. A well-chosen labor force will be more productive g. one of the most important aspects of managersТ job.
8. The reason or reasons a person behaves a certain way h. build up goodwill for the company.
9. The education, experience and personality of each applicant i. an essential component of good management.
10. Keeping employee motivated is j. must be carefully considered.

Ex. 10. Multiple choice. In each of the following, select the word or phrase that best

Completes the statement or answers the question.


1. Which one of the following statement is true?

a. Personnel management is usually a staff position in most small businesses.

b. The smaller the business, the less important personnel management is.

c. The personnel management functions should be clearly understood in any business.

d. When a business is small, good working relationships between employees and the employer

take care of themselves.


2. The first step in selecting the best employee for a job is to

a. contact an employment agency

b. place an ad in the newspaper

c. select a rest to be given to the applicant

d. write a position description


3. When elected employees meet with the representatives of management to work out an

agreement, they are engaged in

a. collective bargaining

b. arbitration

c. mediation

d. negotiation


4. All workersТ needs cannot always be met because

a. management does not care

b. they are too expensive

c. they are unreasonable

d. all of these reasons


5. Personnel management is actually the proper and intelligent handling of

a. people

b. personnel

c. personal problems

d. workers


6. Most people work because they

a. have to in order to eat

b. want to make a contribution and feel recognized and appreciated

c. feel they will be punished if they do not work

d. all of these reasons apply to some individuals


7. Personnel management is not an exact science because you are dealing with

a. people and objects

b. people who are lazy

c. people who do not care

d. people who feel threatened


8. A written company statement that states what will happen in a given set of circumstances

is known as

a. policy c. law

b. rule d. requirement


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