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Word study. Ex. 1. Match the words and their definitions


Ex. 1. Match the words and their definitions.


____ recession a) The people living together in one house collectively.

____ labour b) A source of economic wealth, especially of a country (mineral,

land, labour, etc) or business enterprise (capital, equipment,

personnel, etc).

____ household c) Productive work, especially toil (т€желый труд) done for


____ depression d) A period of decreased business activity.

____ resources e) One who fails in business; financially ruined.

____ bankrupt f) An economic condition characterized by substantial

unemployment, low output and investment, etc


Ex. 2. Fill in the gaps using the following prepositions.


1. The word УeconomicsФ derives _____ the Greek word УOikonomikaФ. 2. He devoted 10 years ______ writing his work. 3. All societies must deal _____ similar economic issues. 4. The study of economics should begin _____ the sense of wonder. 5. You stop _____ petrol refined in Novopolotsk _____ Saudi Arabian crude oil. 6. It took three years to build a supertanker _____ a shipyard _____ Holland. 7. Some societies are endowed _____ nature _____ fertile land, water and natural resources. 8. Others are left ______ eroded land and cities leveled _____ war. 9 _____ any moment _____ time every society faces constraints imposed _____ nature.

Ex. 3. Match the verbs in column A with the nouns in column B.


to control goods and services

to study contribution

to teach materials

to make bankrupt

to produce natural resources

to go economics

to face religion, philosophy

to distribute limits

Ex. 4. Give the English equivalents for the following words and phrases.


делать вклад __________________________________

школьна€ дисциплина __________________________

иметь дело с чем-либо __________________________

провозглашать _________________________________

города, разрушенные войной _________________________________

предыдущее поколение _______________________________________

очищать нефть ______________________________________________

экономические вопросы ______________________________________

страхование _________________________________________________

посто€нно мен€ющийс€ механизм _______________________________

промышленные предпри€ти€ ___________________________________

сталкиватьс€ с проблемами______________________________________

Ex. 5. Form nouns from the following verbs with the help of the suffixes -tion, -ment,


Model: inspect - inspection.


present, produce, distribute, develop, describe, divide, consume, select, discuss, decide, use.

Ex. 6. Use the following words related to the verb Уto produceФ in the suitable blanks in

The sentences below.

Producer, productive, production, product, to produce


1. The company __________________ a new commodity every year.

2. The companyТs newest _________________ is a special blue soap powder.

3. The __________________ of soap powders met last Friday to discuss prices.

4. That factory is not as ______________________ now as it was 5 years ago.

5. The _______________ of that factory have decided that they must increase their _________ of packets of soap powder.




Ex. 7. Match the beginnings of the sentences to their ends using the information from the


1. The word УeconomicsФ derives from Е

2. You use or consume tens of thousands of things, Е

3. At any moment in time every society faces constraints Е

4. He devoted ten years Е

5. Economics is the study of how human beings and societies Е

6. Economy is a social Е

7. Major economic thinkers include Е


A. Е to writing his work УThe Wealth of Nations.Ф

B. Е constantly changing mechanism.

C. Е the Greek word УoikonomikaФ.

D. Е David Ricardo, Thomas Maltus, John Mills and others.

E. Е imposed by nature and by previous generations.

F. Е choose to use the scarce resources.

G. Е both tangible and intangible.

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