Money and shopping

Economic (adj) relating to the economy, business and trade:The project will bring great social and economic benefits to the region.

Economical (adj) not spending or costing much money: The material is an economical substitute for plastic or steel.

Receipt (n) a document that you get from someone showing that you have given them money or goods: Keep all your credit card receipts.

Bill (n) a piece of paper that shows how much money you owe after you have eaten in a restaurant: Could we have the bill, please?

Make (n) a product that is made by a particular company: This is a very popular make of car.

Brand (n) a product or group of products that has its own name and its made by one particular company: I tried using a new brand of soap.

Bargain (n) something you buy that costs much less than normal: Her dress was a real bargain.

Sale (n) an event or period of time during which a shop reduces the prices of some of its goods: I’m sure you’ll find the same dress in a sale if you wait a little.

Discount (n) a reduction in the price of something: Air Canada are currently offering a 10% discount on selected airfares.

Offer (n) a special price that is lower than the usual price for something: The shop had a half-price offer on CD’s.

Price (n) the amount of money that you have to pay in order to buy something: Oil was at its lowest price in 30 years.

Cost (n) the amount of money that you need in order to buy something or to do something: The cost of basic foods has risen dramatically.

Change (n) coins rather than notes: Have you got change for a five-pound note?

Cash (n) money in the form of notes and coins: Do you want to pay in cash or by credit card?

Wealth (n) a large amount of money and other valuable things: He was a man of immense wealth.

Fortune (n) a large amount of money: They must have spent a fortune for flowers.

Till (n) a piece of equipment that is used in shops for adding up the amount of money that someone has to pay and for keeping the money in: The shop assistant opened the till and put the money into it.

Checkout (n) the place where you pay in a supermarket or other large shop: You don’t need to weigh the vegetables – they do it at the checkout.

Products (n) things that are made, grown or obtained in large quantities so that they can be sold: Come in and see our large range of software products.

Goods (n) objects that are produced for sale: Wilkins was found in possession of 8000pounds worth of stolen goods.

Refund (v\n) to give money back to someone because they have paid too much for something or have decided that they do not want it\the money that you get back.: Sandra asked the shop to refund her money as the jeans were too small.

Exchange (v) to give someone something in return for something that they give you: If this T-shirt doesn’t fit my sister, can she exchange it for a large one?

Fake (adj) made to look like something real in order to trick people: It turned out to be a fake passport.

Plastic (adj) made of a very common light, strong substance that is produced by a chemical process: I think that we should reuse all our plastic bags to help the environment.


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