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Проблема цикла: What do we know about the cinema?


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As you know nowadays watching films is considered to be one of the best ways of spending our free time. Millions of people from all over the world watch films every day. I am sure everybody in this class has his favourite film. But why are films so popular? Today we will discuss this point. And this table will help us.
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2. Семантизация 1. What genres of films are there? Listen to me (or the tape), repeat after me (имитативные упражнения) the words and then call what genres of films have you known. If you don’t know a word, take a rule. Put it under the word and its translation will be placed on the same line in the second column. Clear? Ok. The first question. What genres of films are there? comedies – 5 сек. – action – 5 сек. – melodramas – 5 сек. – cartoons – 5 сек. – documentary films – 5 сек. Well, what genres of films are there? N1, what genres do you know? (трансформационные упражнения). And you, N2? N3, what is children’s favourite genre? What do you think? (подстановочные и трансформационные упражнения). – Great, let’s get down to the next question.   2.The second question. What other genres of films do there exist? thriller (horror films) – 5 сек. – fantasy – 5 сек. – western – 5 сек. – series – 5 сек. –– adventure films –– 5 сек. So, what other genres of films do there exist? N4, what have you known? – All right. N5, what is you favourite genre of films? And your, N6? – Good.   3.The following one. Where can people watch/see films? at the cinema – 7 сек. – at home – 7 сек. – at the friends’ – 7 сек. – on a trip – 7 сек. – on a TV/DVD/ computer – 7 сек. Well,where can people watch films? What do you think, N1? - Ok. N7, where did you personally see films? – Great! So do I. Get down to the following question.   4. What impressions can films make on people? humorous – 7 сек. – breathtaking – 7 сек. – moving – 7 сек. – scaring – 7 сек. – informative – 7 сек. N7, tell me what impressions can films make on people? - I see. – N7, what do you feel after watching films?What impressions do they make on you? – All right. Next question.     5. What for do people watch films? to relax – 7 сек. – to entertain – 7 сек. – to get to know smth. new – 7 сек. – to have a look at favourite stars – 7 сек. – to experience new emotions So, what for do people watch films, N5? - I see. Good. N7, what is your point of view? – I agree with you. And the last one. 6. How can films help people? to set smb. in a good mood/high spirits – 7 сек. – to broaden one’s outlook – 7 сек. – to forget one’ problems – 7 сек. – to keep smb. in suspense – 7 сек. – to make people think (about smth.) – 7 сек. Well, how can films help people, N4? – I see. And you, N2? What is your opinion? – Great. Комбинаторные упражнения Could you now say why people watch films? The scheme will help you to answer the question. They are many reasons why people watch films. Films can make on us…. Besides, they help us… I think people watch films, because…
They are many reasons why people watch films. Films can make on us breathtaking impression. They help us to broaden our outlook or to forget our problems. Besides I think people watch films, because they want to entertain or to get to know something new  
For example.




You have 2 minutes to prepare your opinions.

Ok. We see that they are many reasons why people watch films.

  Прочитать вопрос, затем произнести варианты с интервалом в 5-7 секунд каждый. Спросить учеников.     Написать схему на доске и раздать ее ученикам
3.Now imagine that you have a talk with your friend. He thinks that the cinema goes out of date (устаревает). Prove that he is mistaken. If you have problems you can use some sentences from the previous scheme. Think of it 2 minutes and write your thoughts. So, what are your proofs, N6? – Well done! And what can you say, N2? – Good. So, now answer why films are so popular now. And are they popular for you personally?   Your home task is to write your opinion. Use the table while doing it.    

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