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Had (имел) Ц прошедшее врем€


”“¬≈–∆ƒ≈Ќ»≈ ќ“–»÷јЌ»≈ ¬ќѕ–ќ—
I He She It You We They had I He She It You We They didnТt have Did I he she it you we they have?

1.1 ѕрочитай, письменно переведи текст ME AND MY WORLD и заполни пропуски:

If there _ right in the soul,

There _ beauty in the person,

If there _ beauty in the person,

There _ harmony in the home

There _ order in the nation

There _ place in the world.

My name _ Svetlana. I _ 17 years old. I _ born in Nizhnevartovsk, and still live here. My family _ a small one. There _ three of us in the family: my mother, my elder sister and me.

My mother _ a manager of the firm. She _ fond of her job. And in spite of the fact that, she _ always busy she finds time to spend with us. We often spend evenings together. Sometimes we go to the cinema. I like films very much, and my favorite one _ "Analyze that". It can seem strange, but I have seen it for many times and whenever I have a chance to watch it I don't miss it. Mysister's name _ Natasha. She _ already a student. She _ 20. Natasha studies at the SUSU. I think she will become a good specialist. She studies a lot and she _ an excellent student. I _ so proud of her.

Natasha _ tall and slim. But what I like most about her ap≠pearance _ the dimples on her cheeks. She _ long black curly hair. She _ very pretty.

"Well, as my mother works very hard and _ a lot of things to do," my sister and I try to help her about the house. So we share our house chores. I usually tidy up the rooms and sometimes cook something to eat. Frankly speaking, I _ not very good at cook≠ing, but my mother doesn't think so. Maybe she doesn't just tell me about it, because she doesn't want me to be disappointed. But I think that everything comes by experience. I _ an optimist by nature.

1.2 «аполни пропуски, использу€ слова в рамке:


bold patch on a diet have the sense shy
speak openly extrovert look my best spiteful
lose my temper curly hair upset easily courage
piercing eyes impulsive very proud parting

1. She's always going _ because she has a complex about not being slim enough.

2. Unfortunately she gets _ so be careful what you say.

3. He had medium-length grey hair with a _ down the middle.

4. As I meet a lot of people in my job, I try to _, which means I spend quite a lot on clothes every year.

5. She's very _ so she keeps doing things she regrets later.

6. As he's tall, you don't notice the _ on top of his head.

7. He was so _ that at parties he never spoke to people unless he had been introduced to them.

8. It takes _ to stand up to somebody who's bul≠lying you.

9. I can _ to her. I don't have to hide my feelings.

10. She had a perm because she thought _ looked fashionable.

11. He's a great _. He loves going out and meeting people.

12. She had _ which seemed to look right through you.

13. She's _ of her son and never stops talking about him.

14. I hope they'll _ to lock the doors and call the police.

15. It was very _ of him to deliberately try to make a fool of her.

16. I'm afraid I seem to _ more often these days, especially when I get bad service.


1.3 ѕрочитай, письменно переведи текст ME AND MY WORLD и заполни пропуски:

Now let me tell you a little about my home. I think it doesn't matter what your home _ like, anyway, it _ the place where you once move in and start to furnish and decorate it to your own taste. It becomes your second "ego". So my second "ego" _ not very big, but it _ very comfortable. There _ enough space for everything: a hall, a living-room, a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom.

Our living-room _ very spacious. It _ the heart of our apart≠ment. It _ the place where I can see the rest of my family. In the evening we sit here in the soft armchairs and on the sofa, which _ on the right of the room. In front of them there _ furniture stuffed with crystal and books. There _ also a stereo system and a TV set.

I _ very glad that I _ my own room. My bedroom _ my private area though it _ also my sister's room. It _ a small room, but very cosy. There _ two beds, a desk, a personal computer, a big bookcase and a wardrobe in my room.

Our kitchen _ not large. We _ regular meals in the kitchen. There _ some cupboards, a cooker, a fridge, a dishwasher, a microwave and a kitchen table with four chairs. There _ also some plants in our kitchen on the window-sill which make our kitchen cosier.

Our hall _ very big. There _ a wardrobe, some book-shelves on the walls, a long rag on the floor, and a closet where we keep our shoes.


1.4 —опоставь словосочетани€ из колонки A со словами из колонки ¬ и их переводом в колонке C:


A ¬
1. As wise as a) a baby. тихий, как мышь
2. As stubborn as b) a lion. упр€мый, как осел
3. As brave as c) an owl. храбрый, как лев
4. As lucky as d) a wolf. мудрый, как сова
5. As cunning as e) a horse. хитрый, как лиса
6. As strong as f) a mouse. жизнерадостный
7. As quiet as g) a donkey. беспомощный, как ребенок
8. As blind as h) a fox. слепа€ курица
9. As large as i) a lark. здоровый, как бык
10. As hungry as j) a bat. голодный, как волк

—оставь предложени€ с данными словосочетани€ми как в примере:

As quick as a flash, she skied down the slop.



1.5 ѕрочитай, письменно переведи текст ME AND MY WORLD и заполни пропуски:

As I _ a sunny soul person by nature, I love to have fun, to laugh, to talk and I like people with a sense of humor as well. I think that humor _ one of the most necessary things for people. It _ such a feature of character that everyone of us must possess, because it helps us to live better, to survive, to go through our daily problems easier.

I think that every person _ his beauty, though some people don't develop it. I mean the beauty of the soul, the interior beauty. And I believe that our beauty depends on our character, on our soul, on our deeds. For example, when we meet a person and we like his character, his behavior, his actions we think that he _ nice, and even if he doesn't have an attractive appearance we don't feel it and we like him. As for me I value faithfulness, kindness and intelligence about people. I think these qualities _ very important for any kind of relationship between people. I judge people by their actions. I follow the proverb, "Actions speak louder than words".

Well, as I _ a very communicative girl, I _ many friends and I often spend with them my weekends. I like them all, but most of them I love Julia. She _ very slim, though she _ not tall. She _ a round face with very large and dark eyes, her nose _ straight. My friend _ a very nice girl with a charming smile.

I think that every person must _ a close friend, a true friend, with whom he can share his ideas, problems, and he or she _ always ready to listen to you and help you. As for Julia, I can always rely on her, she _ a very reliable person and I _ pretty sure she _ never let me down. She _ a good ear for music. So we went to a musical school together. She _ a musician, and I _ sure she _ able to manage it, as she _ a very purposeful girl.


1.6 ѕроверь хороший ли ты друг:

1. You bought a nice pair of shoes last week. Your friend has bought the same shoes. What do you say?

A. 'Oh, great. Now we both look fantastic!'

B. 'How could you buy the same shoes?'

C. 'I don't care if we've got the same shoes or not.'

2. Your results in the test were much better than your friend's. What do you say?

A. 'Oh, I'm sorry!'

B. 'Don't be sad. Next time we'll prepare for the test together.'

C. 'Why didn't you work harder?'

3. Someone is laughing about your friend. He/She isn't there. What do you do?

A. Tell him/her to stop at once.

B. You don't say anything. It's not your problem.

— You tell your friend so that he/she can do something about it.

4. Your friend's cat has died. What do you say?

A. 'That cat was very old.'

B. 'Oh, I'm so sorry. That little cat was so funny.'

C. 'Don't be sad. You'll get another one soon.'

5. You've heard from a group mate that your friend has got a problem.

A. My friend should tell me all his/her problems.

B. I don't care if my friend talks about her problems or not.

C. My friend can tell me what he/she wants.

6. Your friend has broken your MP3. What do you say?

A. 'It's OK. I've listened to it a lot.'

B. 'You're stupid! Couldn't you be more careful?'

—. 'I really liked it. Could you buy me another MP3?'

7. Your friend has changed his/her hair color. It's green now. You think it looks terrible. What do you say?

A. Nothing.

B. 'I'm sorry but I don't like it very much.'

C. 'Oh, how nice.'

8. Your friend needs some money and he/she asks you. He/she still owes you money from last week.

A. You give it to him/her and don't say a word.

B. You don't give him/her any more money.

C. First you tell him/her that he/she still owes you money.


ѕроверь свои ответы:

Mostly A You're such a great friend.

Mostly B You should be a bit nicer towards your friends sometimes.

Mostly C Why don't you try to be a better friend? Life is much easier then.


1.7 ѕрочитай, письменно переведи текст ME AND MY WORLD и заполни пропуски:

Now I will tell you a little about my university, about the place where I spend a lot of time.

Well, I _ the first-year student of SUSU now. I like it very much. It _ a two-storied building. On the ground floor there _ a canteen, a lot of administrative offices and economics department. We can also look through the time-table there. On the second floor there _ arts and science, technological and law departments. There _ gym and technical laboratory on the basement.

Frankly speaking, the only thing I don't like about my university _ that we - students - _ a lot of strain, as it _ regarded to be a good university. And especially it _ difficult for me as I always find excuses to put my homework off. Of course, I like the idea of going to bed early, but quite often I have to sit up late brushing up on my tasks, though I feel very sleepy.

When I _ a child I wanted to become a doctor, but now I understand how difficult and responsible this work _, and I think I _ not _ able to be a really good doctor, I think a person must be cut out to be a doctor. And now I want to become a builder. And I want to study English as a second high education, because IТll have to communicate with foreigners at my future job, to understand their pronunciation and to improve mine. But I realize that it _ very difficult and I must work hard, especially at my English which _ going to become a clue to my forthcoming career...


1.8 «аполни пропуски, использу€ данные слова:

1. work as a manager/secretary; work in a hotel/office; work for a computer company; work at McDbnaid's/that bookshop/the George Hotel

2. hard; heavy; seasonal; boring; manual

3. be out of work; come home from work; take time off work

4. find; look for; get; start

5. full-time; part-time

6. well-paid; badly paid


A. Mary is working _ a software developer for Microsoft.

B. My uncle has worked _ a factory all his life.

C. His wife works _ the local council.

D. I'll talk to you about the problem when you come home _ work.

E. Ann has been out _ work ever since they closed the mine.

F. Her boss gave her time _ work to go and see the doctor.'

1.9 «аполни пропуски: profession; job; career; occupation


1. Her _ as a dancer came to an end when she broke her leg.

2. My father has been unable to find a _ for the past two years.

3. You must write your name, age and _ on the application form.

4. Peter is a doctor by _, and has his own practice in Brighton.

5. Julia got a _ soon after she left school.

6. Although she is a lawyer by _, she knows little about criminal law.

7. She started her _ as an actress at the age of 18.

8. He has applied for several _ but hasn't got one yet.

1.10 «аполни пропуски:


applicant advertisement resignation career
retirement qualifications application qualified
retired redundant interview CV
ambitious manual work fire permanent post
night shift assembly line retire job satisfaction
promoted responsibility resign good impression
commission fringe benefit deal with work overtime


1. An occupation which gives opportunities for promotion is a _.

2. A document which lists your personal and professional details _.

3. A person who has reached an age where they no longer work is _.

4. When you want to leave a job, you have to give your _.

5. If you have the right talents and experience for a job, then you are _.

6. When you try and get a job, usually have to complete an _ form.

7. If an employee is no longer needed, he or she can be made _.

8. You can often find about a new job by an _ in a newspaper.

9. If an employer is interested in meeting you, you will be asked to come to an _.

10. It's my _ to see that the goods are delivered on time.

11. Her work was so good that she was _ to the position of assistant manager only a year after she joined the company.

12. Employees have to _ at 65 although I'm sure some would like to stay on.

13. He's finally found a _ working for a pharmaceutical company after years of going from job to job.

14. I've decided to _ and look for a job where I can make more use of my training.

15. As a salesperson, I get _ on every dress I sell.

16. The staff agreed to _ so that the order would be completed on time.

17. The boss threatened to _ her if her work didn't improve.

18. Work on the _ was so monotonous that some employees tried to sabotage it just to have a bit of variety.

19. As I work on the _ I don't have much social life.

20. She's very _ and will do anything to get to the top.

21. You can create a _ before your interview by filling in your application form as neatly as possible.

22. The only _ or 'perk', he gets is a free company car.

23. In my job I have to _ inquiries from customers.

24. For me _ is more important than a high salary so I'm thinking of becoming a social worker.

25. Who wants an office job when I can earn more by doing _, like working on a building site?


1.11 ѕрочитай, письменно переведи текст ME AND MY WORLD и заполни пропуски:

Talking about hobbies, I would say that I _ fond of reading. Ican say I adore reading. My favorite writer _ Remark, and my favorite book _ "Three Friends" by Remark. I appreciate the friendship of these "three friends", their relationship, and how they care about each other and help each other out of the difficult situations. I think, a good example of friendship _ shown in this book. I also like dancing, and I dance much. I regard it as an essential part of myself, and I think it can be called a sort of a sport activity, as it helps me keep fit.

I also adore travelling. I think that it _ a hobby of my dream. There _ so many countries that I _ eager to visit. I like nature and during my summer holidays I don't miss any chance to go to the country. And in the country I look forward to my coming back to the big city and going on my routine every day activities.

And talking about my daily routine I want to confess that it _ not quite organized. And every Monday when I _ awake I think I should start a new life. I honestly think that I must become well-organized and correct my daily routine. I make plans to go to keep fit classes, to do the cleaning and do hundred other good things. But then I remember that I have to call on my friend in the evening, and I put off my plans till next Monday. It _ always better to start a new life in a week.


1.12 ќтветы на эти вопросы помогут тебе написать сочинение о себе:


1. What are your favorite pastimes and hobbies?

2. Do you enjoy the company of others or do you like to be alone?

3. What role do your friends play in your life?

4. In what way is your family important for you?

5. What are the special things that you do when all your family is together?

6. What makes people alike and what makes them different?

7. What would you like to do in future?

8. Is there anything you would like to change about your home? What?

9. Tell how you help about the house, what you do on week-days and on Sundays. What is it difficult for you to do at home?

10. Who dusts the furniture and mops the floor in your family?

11. Do qualifications necessarily lead to a successful career?

12. Which is more important, money or job satisfaction? Why?

13. Which is better, a low stress job with low pay or a stressful highly paid job? Why?

14. Apart from pay, how might you encourage people to work hard?

15. Would you be interested in an academic career? Why/Why not?

16. Which of jobs are dangerous?

17. Which of jobs do you need to be well-qualified to do?

18. Do you think women have the same career opportunities as men?

19. Is it easy for a woman to combine career and family obliga≠tions?

20. Do you think there are jobs that should be done only by men? Why/Why not?






2.1 Ќайди пары:


1. repair 2. repair A. impact B. impact
3. operation 4. operation C. means D. means
5. construction 6. construction E. application F. application
7. appliance 8. appliance G. foundation H. foundation
9. restoration 10. restoration I. diverse J. diverse


2.2 ѕрочитай и переведи на русский €зык:


Power distribution, indoor air quality, project management, construction management, design engineer, cost engineer, process engineer, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) engineer, facility manager, operation manager, computer programming, the life cycle of a building, energy efficiency, control systems, earthquake resistance, wind effects, career possibilities, soil mechanics, building service systems, craft traditions, material properties and performance, safety standards, site safety, construction delays, construction technologies, tender documents, quality control, building construction project, local building authority regulations, highway construction, on a per square metre (foot) basis.

2.3 ѕрочитай, письменно переведи текст Building Engineering as a Discipline и ответь на вопросы:


1. Do you know how building construction began?

2. Is there any difference between civil engineering and building engineering?

3. Is building engineering a big subject?

4. Why is building engineering very important in modem life?

5. What building engineering courses are usually taught at higher

6. educational institutions?

7. What degrees do building engineering academic programmes provide?


Building construction is an ancient human activity. It began with the purely functional need for a controlled environment to moderate the effects of climate. Constructed shelters were one means by which human beings were able to adapt themselves to a wide variety of climates and become a global species.

Building construction today is a significant part of industrial culture, a manifestation of its diversity and complexity and a measure of its mastery of natural forces, which can produce a widely varied built environment to serve the diverse needs of society.

Education in the field of Building Engineering as one of the areas of civil engineering is the study of the integrated application of engineering principles and technology to building design and architecture.

Building engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering subject that offers a general engineering approach to the planning, design, construction, operation, renovation, and maintenance of buildings, as well as with their impacts on the surrounding environment. The discipline requires pertinent knowledge integrated from traditional well- established disciplines: civil engineering for building structures and foundation; mechanical engineering for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC), and for mechanical service systems; physics for building science, lighting and acoustics; electrical engineering for power distribution and control; chemistry and biology for indoor air quality; architecture for form, function and specifications; economics for project management.

Building engineering students are ideally trained in all phases of the life cycle of a building, and learn to appreciate buildings as an advanced technological system requiring close integration of many sub-systems and their individual components. Technical problems and appropriate solutions are studied to improve the performance of the building in areas, such as energy efficiency, construction management, HVAC and control systems, advanced building materials, earthquake resistance, wind effects on buildings, computer-aided design.

The building engineering graduate may work as a consulting engineer, design engineer, project manager, construction manager, cost engineer, facility manager, conservation-utility director, HVAC engineer, operation manager, process engineer, or in research and development, among other career possibilities.

Building engineering academic programmes normally provide an accredited academic degree. The completed degree may be designated as a Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Technology or Bachelor of Applied Science depending upon the university or institute. The length of study is four years and the programme consists of basics of engineering and sciences (technical drawing, engineering mechanics, mechanics of materials, thermodynamics, mathematics, computer programming, surveying), subjects in building engineering sciences (structural analysis and design, soil mechanics, building engineering systems, building economics, construction management, thermal environment and building service systems). In some programmes, elective courses allow students to specialize in one or more sub≠disciplines.

Graduates may pursue a postgraduate degree, such as a Master of Engineering, Master of Applied Science, an EngineerТs degree, or a Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering. The Master and EngineerТs degree may consist of either research, coursework or a mixture of the two. The Doctor of Philosophy consists of a significant research component and it is often viewed as the entry point to academia.

2.4 ќтветь на вопросы:

1. Building construction today is a significant part of industrial culture, a manifestation of its diversity and complexity and a measure of its mastery of natural forces.

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