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Read and memorize the active vocabulary.


Nouns and noun phrases

assistance of divers - помощь водолазов

bow - нос (судна)

cable layer vessel - кабельное (кабелепрокладочное) судно

capability - способность, возможность

foam - пена

high seas - море за пределами территориальных вод; открытое море

inshore fishing craft - прибрежное рыболовное судно

lighthouse - ма€к

momentum - скорость движени€

naval fleet - военно-морской флот

perishable commodities - скоропорт€щиес€ товары

pilot ship - лоцманское судно

reefer - судно-рефрижератор

refrigerator ship - рефрижераторное судно

salvage ship - спасательное судно

seiner - сейнер

stranded ship - судно, сид€щее на мели

strengthened hull - усиленный корпус

trawler - траулер

tugboat - буксирное судно, буксир


Verbs and verbal phrases

to assist - помогать, способствовать

to offer - предлагать

to require - требовать



articulated - сочлененный

conventional - традиционный

giant - гигантский

heavy-lift - большой грузоподъЄмности

immense - огромный, обширный

inseparable - неотделимый, неразрывный

integrated - комплексный

invaluable - бесценный, неоценимый


in distress - терп€щий бедствие; в бедственном положении





28. Read the text and say for what specialized vessels are used. Translate the text into the Russian language.


Specialized Vessels

Many ships and boats have been designed to do particular jobs. Refrigerator ships, tugboats, salvage ships, train ferries, icebreakers, oceanographic ships and of course fishing vessels of different types has become an inseparable part of the world fleets.

Fishing vessels range in size from small inshore fishing craft (motor-powered cobles) to large, freezer-factory ships, they differ in the supposed area of fishing (deep-sea, inshore and middle-water fishing) and the model of operating (trawlers, seiners, drift net vessels, whale factories, etc.).

Salvage ships are an invaluable part of any naval fleet, and their capabilities cover many areas. When a ship becomes disabled on the high seas, a salvage vessel can assist by towing or by using its heavy-lift equipment. In addition, it will remove stranded ships from shorelines, and offer the assistance of divers for rescue operations. These ships can also provide firefighting help, using either foam or seawater.

Service ships are designed for a particular kind of job. They include tugboats, pilot ships, refrigerator vessels, icebreakers, fire-fighting ships, cable layers, floating lighthouses and a lot of other types.

Tugboats provide assistance to large vessels heading into port. Without their help, the giant ships would find maneuvering in shipping lanes to be very difficult. In addition, tugboats can tow massive vessels in distress, bringing them out of dangerous areas. Tugboats are quite strong for their size and maneuverable.

There are two groups of tugboats, either Inland (harbour and river tugs) or Oceangoing (the conventional tug, the notch tug, the articulated tug and barge (ATB), the integrated tug and barge (ITB)).

An icebreaker is a special purpose ship or boat designed to move and navigate through ice-covered waters. As for a ship to be considered an icebreaker it requires three components: a strengthened hull, an ice-clearing shape, and the power to push through, none of which are possessed by most normal ships. To pass through ice-covered water, an icebreaker uses its great momentum and power to drive its bow up onto the ice, breaking the ice under the immense weight of the ship.

The reefer (or refrigerator ship) is a type of ship typically used to transport perishable commodities which require temperature-controlled transportation, mostly fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and other foodstuffs.

As for the other ships like cable layers pilot vessels, fire fighting ships, floating lighthouses their functions are quite obvious.


29. Read the texts of Unit II again, make notes under the following headings. Then use your notes to talk about Types of Vessels.


1. The varieties of boats in modern use.

2. Short-distance vessels.

3. General cargo ships.

4. Specialized vessels.







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