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Упражнение 1. Put the verbs in the brackets into the Present Indefinite or the Future Indefinite Tense.

  1. If Peter __________ (come) to my place, we__________ (go) to play in the yard.
  2. If Peter__________ (not come) to my place, I __________ (watch) TV.
  3. If Frank’s parents______ (have) their holidays in summer, they _____ (go) to the seaside.
  4. If they __________ (have) their holidays in winter, they __________ (stay) at home.
  5. If the fog _______ (thicken), Harold _______ (put up) the tent for the night.
  6. When I _______ (finish) my work, I_______ (go) to the cinema.
  7. We_______ (buy) this book as soon as our mother_______ (give) us some money.
  8. When we _______ (come) to your place you_______ (show) us your present.
  9. I_______ (return) you your ring when you_______ (ask) me.
  10. I_______ (wait) for my friend until he_______ (come) from the shop.
  11. My father_______ (start) writing before the sun _______ (rise).
  12. As soon as you _______ (finish) your study I_______ (present) you with a new flat.

Упражнение 2. Put the verb in the brackets in the correct tense to form the First Conditional.

Maria is a girl from your country. She is studying English and she'd like to visit an English-speaking country. If Maria (go) abroad, she (go) to England or America. She (visit) London if she (go) to England. If she (stay) in London, she (spend) much money. She (not be able) to stay for long if she (spend) all her money. If her holiday (be) very short, she (not practice) her English. It (be) a pity if she (not try) to speak English. 


Упражнение 3. Make up conditional 1 sentences with if-clauses.

Example: Molly leave now / catch the bus . — If Molly leaves now, she’ll catch the bus.

  1. stay in bed / feel better
  2. work hard / get a job
  3. go shopping / spend much money
  4. ride a bike / get there quickly —
  5. eat carrots/see well in the dark .
  6. come now/go out together


Упражнение 4. Connect the sentences with when or if to form the first conditional.

Jack will come. We shall play chess. — When Jack comes, we shall play chess.

  1. All the pupils will come to school tomorrow. We shall write a test then.
  2. I’ll meet Ann after school. I’ll give her my album.
  3. You’ll not do your homework. The teacher will be angry.
  4. Mike won’t come today. We’ll play football without him.
  5. I’ll finish school with good marks. My father will take me to the seaside. .
  6. My school record may not be very good. Mom will be very upset.


Упражнение 5. Continue the chain stories. Use conditional 1.

A) If Brian has a lot of money, he’ll buy a bike.

If he buys a bike, he’ll ... If he rides it ... If …

B) If you don’t do well at school, you’ll become a bad pupil.

If you become a bad pupil, you’ll stay ... If you stay ... If ...


Упражнение 6. Study the list of prizes and speak for Nick and Tom, using conditional 1.

When Nick has breakfast at Tom’s house, he sees a packet of cornflakes on the table. On the back of it he sees this paper.


1st prize - a holiday in New York, 2nd prize - a motor-bike. 3rd-5th prize — a tent. 6th-12th prize — a cassette-recorder. 13th-20th prize — a camera. 21st-36th prize — an alarm-clock. 37th-50th prize — a book of flowers of Britain. 51st-99th prize — a T-shirt with Big Ben on it.

After reading it Tom has sent the answers.

a) Nick says to Tom:

1. If you win the first prize, you’ll get a holiday in New York.

b) Tom answers:

1. If I win a holiday in New York, I’ll come and visit you.


Упражнение 7. Make conditional sentences.

  1. I’ll buy a colour film and take a lot of pictures if …
  2. I’ll have a party and we can dance to music if …
  3. I’ll go camping in the Lake District if …
  4. Molly’ll learn a lot of things if…
  5. I shan’t sit with you at the same desk unless…
  6. I’ll send her a letter as soon as …
  7. If he does his homework every day he …
  8. If he comes in the afternoon we …
  9. If you live in a big city what …?
  10. If Milly gives me her address, I …
  11. If you don’t stop talking, the teacher …


Упражнение 8. Answer the questions in conditional 1.

What will you do

  • if it rains on Sunday?
  • if your friends don’t play with you?
  • if your TV doesn’t work this evening?
  • if you lose your school record-book?
  • when the lessons are over?
  • when your holiday comes?
  • when your friend comes to see you tonight?
  • when you finish your homework?


Упражнение 9. Imagine that you are eighteen and you have finished school. What will you do then? Develop the following situation. Begin like this.

When I’m eighteen, I think I’ll I don’t think I’ll ..., but if , I’ll try


Упражнение 10. Join two sentences into one using if.

  1. It will rain today. We shall not go for a walk.
  2. Don’t move. You’ll fall down.
  3. The wind will change. There will be snow.
  4. I’ll be careful. I will not break the cups.
  5. You have free time now. Come for a walk with me.
  6. I’ll go hiking in summer. I’ll see a lot of interesting things.
  7. He’ll go shopping. He’ll buy some exercise-books for me.

Упражнение 11. Complete the sentences.

  1. Your Dad will get angry if you ... .
  2. My Mum will be happy if I ... .
  3. My sister will shout at me if I ...
  4. The teacher will not be happy if we ...
  5. You will do well at school if you ...

Упражнение 12. Write answers to the questions.

  1. What will you do if you jump into the river and see a crocodile there?
  2. What will your mother do if you break her favourite vase?
  3. What will the teacher do if you don’t do what she asks you to do?
  4. What will your friends do if you call them bad names?
  5. What will you do if you loose your school record- book?


Упражнение 13. Произнесите вслух все возможные условные пред­ложения I типа, используя подстановочную табли­цу. (Упражнение на выработку автоматизма речи)

If I live in the south, I shall bathe every day.
  come home late,   go to bed at once.
  live in the country,   often go to the wood.
  go to the wood,   gather many mushrooms.
  receive his letter,   be very happy.
  fall ill,   go to the doctor.
  find my book,   be very glad.
  lose my money,   be very sorry.
  see my friend,   ask his advice.



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