II. Постройте общий вопрос и отрицание.

1. I am enjoying the party.

2. We are meeting at the airport on Friday.

3. Ted is training for the next Olympic Games.

4. These people are speaking English at the moment.

5. Keith is always taking my clothes.


1. Linda is seeing her boyfriend tonight.

2. The girls are talking on their mobile phones.

3. Adam is studying Chemistry this semester.

4. The students are talking about their homework at the moment.

5. Timothy is feeding his dog.



1.My sister Juliet … the paper at the moment.
A.am reading B.are reading C.is reading
2.Where … you from?
A.are B.be C.is
3.Susan … her grandmother next month.
A.stay B.is staying C.are staying
4.I … you. What language are you speaking?
A.am not understanding B.not understand C.don’t understand
5.My shoes … very dirty, I must clean them.
A.are B.– C.be
6.I … to go to school now.
A.get ready B.getting ready C.am getting ready
7.My friend … tomorrow. I am going to the airport to meet him.
A.be coming B.come C.is coming
8.It can’t be true! I … you!
A.am not believing B.not believe C.do not believe
9.I … again tonight!
A.am not cooking B.do not cook again tonight C.not cook again
10.Please, be quiet. You … a lot of noise.
A.is making B.are making C.make
11.Who is this man? I … him.
A.am not recognizing B.be not recognizing C.do not recognize
12.I … to a new flat at the weekend. Perhaps you can help me.
A.move B.am moving C.be moving
13.I … this word. What does it mean?
A.do not know B.am not knowing C.not know
14.This hotel is awful. I … never … here again.
A.– … stay B.be … staying C.am … staying
15.– Hello. Can I speak to Ann, please? –I’m afraid not. She … a shower at the moment.
A.am taking B.is taking C.are taking
16.She … constantly … about her problems!
A.is … talking B.are … talking C.am … talking
17.Cities … bigger and bigger every year.
A.grows B.is growing C.are growing
18.I … football with John next Saturday.
A.play B.is playing C.am playing
19.It has stopped raining. The sun ….
A.is shining B.shining C.be shining
20.Bill is sick but he … better slowly.
A.get B.am getting C.is getting



1. Mike is not in his office. He is having a holiday.

2. Julie is getting ready for her final exams. She is always working these days.

3. Nora is having her birthday party on Saturday.

4. Grandma and Grandpa are constantly arguing about politics.

5. Who is studying electrical engineering this semester?



1. Что ты приготовишь сегодня на ужин?

2. Мой брат пьет кофе и читает газету.

3. Я собираюсь идти в университет.

4. Когда мы едем в Испанию на каникулы?

5. Что ты делаешь в следующую субботу?








Listen to the text


Read and translate the text


Another day, Another dollar

James Cash is a very rich man – in fact, he's a multi-millionaire. He is thirty-five years old and lives in a mansion in the country. He is the chairman of a big company.

Every day he has breakfast in bed. He usually has boiled eggs and champagne. He makes phone calls and reads the newspapers at breakfast time. Then he gets dressed. His servants help him. He always wears a smart suit to the office.

At seven o'clock his chauffeur drives him to his office. He has business meetings every morning. Every afternoon he looks at the sales reports. Sales go up every year because business is good.

In the evenings he likes to entertain important business clients. They often go to his favourite night club, Madame JoJo's. They have dinner, drink champagne and watch a cabaret.

At two o'clock in the morning his chauffeur drives him home. He goes to bed half an hour later, and dreams about sales figures. James is always exhausted. The next day is exactly the same. Would you want a job like his?





James Cash [ʤeɪmz kæʃ] Джеймс Кеш
Madame JoJo's ['madəm ʤəu ʤəuz] У мадам Жу-Жу
cabaret [ˈkæbəreɪ] кабаре




1. a multi-millionaire [ˌmʌltiˌmɪljəˈneər] мультимиллионер
2. mansion [ˈmænʃən] He lives in a mansion in the country. особняк, большой дом Он живет в особняке за городом.
3. chairman [ˈtʃeərmən] He is the chairman of a big company. [ˈkʌmpəni] председатель, президент Он президент большой компании.
4. to have breakfast [ˈbrekfəst] to have lunch [lʌntʃ] to have dinner [ˈdɪnə] to have supper [ˈsʌpə] завтракать обедать ужинать ужинать
5. champagne [ˌʃæmˈpeɪn] He usually has boiled eggs and champagne. шампанское Он обычно ест вареные яйца и пьет шампанское.
6. to make a phone call[fəun kɔːl] He makes phone calls and reads the newspapers at breakfast time. звонить Он звонит по телефону и читает газеты за завтраком.
7. to get dressed [ɡet drest] Then he gets dressed. одеваться Затем он одевается.
8. servant [ˈsɜːvənt] His servants help him. слуга, прислуга Ему помогают слуги.
9. to wear [weə] (wear-wore-worn) to wear a smart suit[suːt] носить носить элегантный костюм
10. chauffeur[ˈʃəufə] His chauffeur drives him to his office. водитель, шофер Шофер отвозит его в офис.
11. to have a business meeting [ˈbɪznəs ˈmiːtɪŋ] He has business meetings every morning. проводить совещание, деловую встречу Он проводит совещания каждое утро.
12. sales[seɪlz] sales report [rɪˈpɔːt] sales figures[ˈfɪɡəz] He dreams about sales figures. продажи отчет о продажах цифры продаж Ему снятся цифры продаж.
13. to entertain [ˌentəˈteɪn] In the evenings he likes to entertain important business clients [ˈklaɪənts]. принимать, развлекать гостей По вечерам он любит развлекать важных деловых клиентов.
14. favorite [ˈfeɪvərət] They often goto his favorite night club. любимый Они часто ходят в его любимый ночной клуб.
15. half[hɑːf] half an hour [auə] половина полчаса
16. to be exhausted [ɪɡˈzɔːstɪd] James is always exhausted. быть измотанным Джеймс всегда измотан.
17. exactly [ɪɡˈzæktli] The next day is exactly the same [seɪm]. точно; как раз; именно Следующий день точно такой же.




1. Answer the questions:


1. Is James Cash rich or poor? What is his financial status?

2. What does he do? What is his position?

3. Is he an old man? How old is he?

4. Does he live in a flat? Where is his mansion located? Where does James Cash usually have breakfast?

5. What does he usually have for breakfast?

6. What does he do at breakfast time?

7. Does he get dressed himself?

8. What does he always wear to the office?

9. What time does his chauffer drive him to the office?

10. What does he do every morning?

11. What does he do every afternoon?

12. Why do sales go up every year?

13. What does he like to do in the evenings?

14. Where do they often go?

15. What do they do at madam JoJo’s?

16. What time does his chauffer drive him home?

17. What does he dream about?

18. How does James feel? Why?

19. Would you want a job like his?


V. GRAMMAR: The Present SIMPLE Tense

(простое Настоящее время)


1. употребление present SIMPLE


Present SIMPLE употребляется для обозначения:

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