Table 1. The Range of Managerial Activities


Planning Representing Staffing
Organizing Activating Motivating
Commanding Administering Innovating
Coordinating Investigating Decision-making
Controlling Communicating Evaluating
Directing Securing efforts  
Leading Formulating purposes  


While-reading task (skimming reading)

1. Read the text quickly to get the main ideas.

2. Get the author’s overall message.

3. Develop your own ideas how the text is organized.

4. Work in groups. Discuss the True/False statements.

True or False Statements

Which are True? Which are False? Why?

1. This text deals with Marketing.

2. The gist of the text is Financial Management.

3. The term “Management” creates an image of individuals.

4. The term “Management” means the group of managers only.

5. The group of organization members consists of both managers and nonmanagers.

6. Controlling functions are done by nonmanagerial group.

7. Universal management functions are investigating, motivating and coordinating.

8. Managerial and nonmanagerial groups are only at one level.

9. It’s managers’ function to achieve organizational goals.

10. The performance of the specific technical tasks is both managerial and nonmanagerial responsibilities.

While-reading task (scanning reading)

1. Read the text more carefully to understand details.

2. Underline special terms and explain their meaning.

3. Work in groups. Suggest a suitable headline for your section (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

4. Tell the other sub-group members about three main points from your section.

5. Answer the comprehension questions.

Comprehension Questions

Answer the Questions:

1. How do you call organization members?

2. Why are these words “Sociological perspective” and “Management” used together?

3. What factors distinguish managers from nonmanagers?

4. Why is a manager’s activity compared with the one of an orchestra’s conductor?

5. What are the main management functions?

6. Look at the table and compare the range of managerial activities with the main universal management functions. Give your own idea.

Here are the answers, write down the questions

1. These are Managers and Nonmanagers.

2. Management means a certain group of individuals.

3. The second group consists of everybody else.

4. These people are called managers.

5. Managers’ responsibilities are to design, to pursue and to achieve organizational goals.


Issues for Review and Discussion

1. Describe the management process.

2. Describe the characteristics of an organization.

3. List and define four managerial functions and explain how they are interrelated.

4. Explain the concept of universalism of management.

5. Speak of a company you know. (process perspective and social perspective).


Post-reading task

1. Complete the table “Things I know about the topic” (the right part – “After reading”).


Things I know about the topic
Before reading After reading




Present the text as a scheme display, or use this to help you.


3. Prepare and give a presentation on Management. Focus on social and functional (process) approaches. Use the “classic” presentation structure to help you.



“Classic” presentation structure





I’ d like to talk today about…




I’ve divided my talk into…



If you have any questions, please…


  Part 1  


Let’s start with …

So that covers …


  Part 2  


That brings me to …

Let’s leave that there …


  Part 3/4 etc  

… and turn to …



To sum up …



In conclusion …

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