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ѕисьменно переведите текст.

18. Make up all possible types of questions (general, alternative, disjunctive, special,question to the subject).

ѕоставьте различные типы вопросов к следующим предложени€м, обозначьте тип вопроса.

1. The gentleman wore his right arm in a sling.

2. The jeweller took the pen and paper and at the dictation of the gentleman wrote.

Answer the questions on the text in written form.

ѕисьменно ответьте на вопросы по тексту.

1. Who entered a jewellerТs shop one day?

2. What did he begin to examine?

3. Why couldnТt he pay for the rings?

4. Who took the message to the jewellerТs wife?

5. Did they wait long for the servant to come back?

6. Why did the woman decide to give money to the servant?

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 онтрольна€ работа є2


Put the verb in brackets into the Present Continuous Tense.

–аскройте скобки, употребл€€ глагол в Present Continuous Tense.

1. Please, be quiet. The baby (to sleep). 2. She (to wash) her hair now. 3. What you (to laugh) at? 4. I (to try) to explain it to you. 5. I (not to walk) with my dog now. 6. It (to rain), take your umbrella. 7. I (to grow) a beard now.

Use the Present Indefinite or the Present Continuous Tenses.

–аскройте скобки, употребл€€ глагол в Present Indefinite или Present Continuous.

1. I (to eat) porridge every morning. 2. At this moment we (to do) an exercise on tenses. 3. Sally (to take) a shower now. 4. Susan (to be) in love with Peter. 5. What the children (to do)? 6. The professor (to speak) five foreign languages. Right now he (to speak) Dutch. 7. You (to smoke)?

3. Use the correct form of the verb Уto beФ (the Present Continuous or the Past Continuous Tenses).

”потребите глагол Уto beФ в правильной форме и времени (Present Continuous или Past Continuous).

1. The secretary Е typing our letters now. 2. When I saw him he Е sitting in

a cafe. 3. She Е cooking dinner, while her husband Е watching TV yesterday.

4. My son Е sitting at the table. He Е reading his English book.

4. Use the Past Indefinite or the Past Continuous, the Present Indefinite or the Present Continuous Tenses.

–аскройте скобки, употребл€€ врем€ Past Indefinite или Past Continuous, Present Indefinite или Present Continuous.

1. She (to open) a box of chocolates when he came in. She (to like) chocolate.

2. Her son (to cook) supper when she (to come) home yesterday. 3. What you (to watch) on TV yesterday? 4. They (to watch) an interesting film at 6 oТclock yesterday. 5. You (to mend) TV last year? 6. The businessman (to fly) to England every week. 7. The house (to be) full of policeman and police dogs yesterday. What they (to do)? Ц They (to look) for drugs. 8. He (not to realize) that he (to stand) on my toe.

Match parts I and II.

—оотнесите 1 и 2 части предложени€.

1. 2.
1. We were walking in silence 2. Columbus discovered America 3. They will receive the fax 4. Sill goes to work by bus 5. DonТt worry! I know what IТm doing 6. He became a lawyer a) in an hour. b) sometimes. c) for 5 minutes. d) last year. e) now. f) in 1492

Translate into English. Use Indefinite or Continuous Tense forms.

ѕереведите на английский €зык.

1. „то ты будешь делать в следующие выходные? 2. √де прис€жные? Ц ќни все еще обсуждают этот вопрос. 3. Ѕудь осторожен! “ы едешь очень быстро. 4. ћы завтракали, когда он позвонил. 5. “ы закончишь эту работу? 6.  ак ты добираешьс€ до института? Ц ќбычно € езжу автобусом. 7.я встречу ваших родственников на вокзале. 8. ќн потратил много денег на обучение детей несколько лет назад.

Make the following sentences interrogative.

ќбразуйте различные типы вопросительных предложений. ќбозначьте тип вопроса.

1. They are having an English class now.

2. Everybody was listening to the lecturer when Mike came in.

Choose the right variant.

¬ыберите правильный вариант.

1. He was born on Е of April.

a) eight b) the eight

2. ItТs a quarter to Е

a) twelfth b) twelve

3. Е of books were published during this years.

a) million b) millions

4. 2/3 of the whole work has been done.

a) two-thirdsb) two three

5. Tomorrow you are celebrating your 25 birthday.

a) twenty fivesb) twenty fifth

9. Use УsomeФ, УanyФ, УnoФ or their derivatives

¬ставьте местоимени€ УsomeФ, УanyФ, УnoФ или их производные.

Have you got Е objections? 2. May I have Е water, please? 3. I have Е time to speak to you now. I am very busy. 4. There was Е he could do. 5. Is Е absent today? 6. I want to tell you Е 7. If Е of you knows about it, you may tell me. 8. Е brought this letter for you.

Choose the right pronoun.

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