A) Match the adjectives in the box with the underlined phrases in the sentences

Ambitious hard-working reserved open organized unreliable chatty sensitive


1. People with long fingers are easily upset.

2. People with short fingers are happy to talk about feelings.

3. People with straight fingers are make lots of lists and plans.

4. People with a long first finger work hard.

5. People with a long ring finger dont do what they say they will do.

6. People with a thumb that bends back are easy to talk to and talk a lot.

7. People with a thumb that doesnt bend back dont talk about feelings.

8. People with a long thumb really want to be successful.


B) Test your partner. Say a definition and your partner should say the correct word. A:Someone whos easily upset?


10. What would you think of a person who says:

1. Ladies first!

2. I cant control myself when I should keep quiet.

3. Im not easily put off if I have made up my mind.

4. I dont care for him. He is inferior to me, you know.

5. Whatever she may say I wont lose my temper.

6. Darling! I never grudge you anything, be it clothes, money, a car.

7. I always feel sorry for people who are in trouble.

8. I just love cucumbers with milk, Picassos paintings and freckled faces.

9. I have got used to ten hours work every day.

10. I prefer to be in the company of other people and have a chat with them.

11. Whatever you may ask me to do for you, I will do it. Whatever you may say, I will forgive you.

Use: He must be She may be He is likely to be

The words below may help you:


hard-working original sympathetic quick-tempered open-handed arrogant well-bred sociable obstinate self-possessed tolerant.  


1. Complete the following sentences using the appropriate form of the adjective.
1. She is than her sister.

a) pretty b) prettier c) prettiest

2. Martha is a .. girl.

a) nice b) nicer c) nicest
3. Supriya is the girl in the class.

a) intelligent b) more intelligent c) most intelligent
4. Martin speaks English ..

a) well b) better c) best

5. Russia is the . country in the world.

a) big b) bigger c) biggest
6. China is a .. country.

a) big b) bigger c) biggest
7. China is than India.

a) big b) bigger c) biggest
8. This is the book I have ever read.

a) interesting b) more interesting c) most interesting
9. I am . than you.

a) smart b) smarter c) smartest
10. Take the .. of the two routes.

a) short b) shorter c) shortest


2. Choose whether each sentence requires the comparative or superlative form:

1. There are 10 houses on our street. Our house is the ________ one.

a) biggest b) bigger

2. My brother sings better than I do, but I play guitar ________ than he does.

a) the best b) better

3. This is ________ song I have ever heard!

a) better b) the best

4. Tom is ________ than I am.

a) stronger b) the strongest

5. Out of all the students in our class, I am ________.

a) the shortest b) shorter

6. Everyone says that my sister is ________ than I am.

a) the best looking b) better looking

7. She is ________ girl in our school.

a) the best looking b) better looking

8. This is boring. Let's do something ________.

a) the most interesting b) more interesting

9. This isn't ________ book I have ever read.

a) more interesting b) the most interesting

10. Your apartment is ________ than mine.

a) cleaner b) the cleanest



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