Read the dialogue filling the missing words. In pairs, use your names to act out similar dialogues.

Finding a Classroom

A: Could you help 1) ____?
B: What 2) _____ you need?
A: I can't seem to find my class.
B: What building is it in?
A: It 3) _____ in the C building.
B: Oh, I know exactly where that is.
A: Do you think you can tell me where it is?
B: Sure, what room number 4) _____ it?
A: It's room number 261.
B: I have a class around there right now.
A: Could 5) _____ show me where it is?
B: No problem, come on.

Read the text and then write T (for true) or F (for false) for the following statements.

2. Almaty Technological University (ATU) was opened in 1958.

3. Quality management system (QMS) isnt certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 international standard, functions in ATU since 2005.

4. The main property of ATU is about 50,000 trained specialists of middle and top links.

5. Academic mobility hasnt become an integral feature of modern education. In order to intensify and support it a Coordinating Council on Foreign Relations and Academic Mobility functions in ATU.

6. Today Almaty Technological University has a bright future - a general policy to an official status of "Research university" and the subsequent entering the number of world class universities.



Almaty Technological University (ATU) opened its doors in 1957 and nowadays is famous for being a large scale multi-profile and research institution of higher education, specializing in training professionals for different branches of food technologies, food processing, textile, light industry and others. Mission of the lmaty Technological University is to prepare intellectual experts with the high professional and postgraduate education for corresponding branches of scientific, industrial, managerial and other practical activities. Mission also includes forming and professional development of educated person, who will possess wide fundamental knowledge and will be able to work as a part of a team and provide continuous self education.

According to the results of the General rating of National accreditation centre of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ATU has entered into 60 leading Kazakhstani institutions of higher education and was ranked 3 among the technical institutions of the country. On the 4th International Assembly of Quality by the decision of the Supervisory board of the International program of Advancement qualities (Switzerland) Almaty Technological University received Gold Certificate of Quality it is known all over the world as a sign of recognized leader in the branch. ATU successfully cooperates with more than 50 universities, scientific institutions, centers, and enterprises from CIS and other foreign countries from Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Spain, Finland, Poland, France, Belgium, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Turkey and others.

lmaty Technological University is a large center of sciences in the field of fundamental and applied researches for food, processing, light and textile industries of Kazakhstan. ATU is the active participant of TEMPUS programmes of the European Commission: Tempus III. Masters programme development on Food Safety (2005-2007) Tempus IV. Establish Research-Science-Enterprise oriented Universities for the benefit of society (2009-2011) In the frame of Tempus project PERSEUS the University launched Research Development and Innovative Center (REDIC). Main purpose of the center is to establish close cooperation between businesses and ATU. REDIC will help to build entrepreneurial competences of stuff through professional training sessions and to create the Central Asian Networks of REDIC.

4. Read the text again, make notes under the following headings: 1) ATU position, 2) Certificates of ATU, 3) Research work 4) Mission of ATU, 5) International prize, and talk about ATU.


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