Exercise 71. Match the words to make word partnerships.

1. communicate 2. coordinating 3. make 4. have 5. draft 6. executive 7. practical 8. graphic 9. handle 10. location 11. long-term 12. natural 13. pros 14. reference 15. daily 16. shooting 17. production 18. short-length 19. shot 20. silent 21. supervising 22. within   a) version b) timetable c) schedule d) rushes e) prospects f) producer g) producer h) producer i) manager j) illumination k) ideas l) film m) film n) experience o) designer p) composition q) budget r) book s) and cons t) a problem u) a degree v) a decision

Exercise 72. Match the words and definitions.

extra sequel stunt nominate box office star critic scene part frame audition

1. Someone whose job is to review films for a newspaper or TV programme

2. A role/character played by an actor/actress.

3. A second film made to continue the story started in the first

4. The most important or the most famous actor / actress in a film

5. A risky piece of action, which a professional does instead of an actor ,.

6. A shot or series of shots in a movie in which events happen in the same place or period of time

7. A single picture on a roll of movie film or videotape .

8. Select to be on a short list for a prize .

9. A short performance by an actor, dancer, or musician, to demonstrate their skill.

10. A performer who plays in a crowd scene in a film ..

11. A place at the cinema where tickets are sold

Exercise 73. Cross out the word, which does not normally go with the key word.

A) advertising skills






B) the first print

the final

the middle

C) make a plan




D) needless to say


a sweet thing

E) launch a project





F) hunt for




G) meet the deadline





Exercise 74. a) Use a dictionary to find synonyms to the following words.

topical (adj.)

numerous (adj.)

launch (v.)

synopsis (n.)

sophisticated (adj.)

skilful (adj.)

major (adj.)

responsibility (n.)

requirement (n.)

present (adj.)

B) Use a dictionary to find antonyms to the following words.

leading (adj.)

protagonist (n.)

remarkable (adj.)

short-length (adj.)

silent film

various (adj.)

independent (adj.)

high-quality (adj.)

hard-working (adj.)

flexible (adj.)

experienced (adj.)


Exercise 75. Speak about these film majors using the given vocabulary.


give his own interpretation of the part

see all his role in his mind

embody the directors conception of the character

express the directors idea

enrich his portrayal of the character


artistic skills

be very creative


learn the lines by heart

go through / rehearse the movements and lines

be satisfied with

makea goodimpressionon



create a story

visualisevivid characters

come from within and without

design a plot

think of a natural beginning, middle and end

three-act structure basic building block

find the idea that will speak to millions

originality, passion, an individual voice

a skilful craftsman

grasp the readers / viewers attention

be interesting to follow

sound natural

it goes without saying

remarkable writing skills




a key figure

be responsible for

artistic and commercial success or failure

act as a link between

inspire and motivate the cast and crew

a strong and confident leader

makecrucial decisions


collaborate with others

communicateideasto other production unit members

excellent communication skills

it goes without saying

work long hours

remain calm and think clearly under great pressure

get practical experience


make sure

within budget

supervise the project from conception to distribution

monitor production timetable / shooting schedule

fulfill business functions

challenging working conditions

in addition

handle problems

be flexible

go as planned

it goes without saying



goodcommunication skills

deal with




have a lot of responsibilities

coordinate / head the camera crew

decide on the best combination of cameras, filters and lenses

creative skills

technical skills and knowledge

recognize good shots

excellent artistic taste

know the technical basics of photography

film-specific equipment and techniques

in addition

be flexible

go as planned

collaborate with

communicateideasto the crew

thats why

good people skills


Sound Designer

be responsible for

the art of the sound

a creative technician and an artist

work with music, dialogue, sound effects, foley

sophisticated soundtracks

be very creative


communicate ideas through sound

technical skills and knowledge

use advanced computer software

a freelance professional

search for new projects

basic advertising skills

good communication skills


Art Director / Production Designer


one of the key figures

communicate ideas through visual images

be responsible for

décor and style

needless to say

know the basics of design

a skilful craftsman

create visuals

thats why

(rich) imagination

remarkable artistic taste

in addition

good people skills


communicate with other production unit members

Film Critic



give an honest assessment

excellent artistic taste

tell the difference between

influence potential ticket buyers

do a great amount of research

strong analytical skills

good writing skills


challenging working conditions

meet strict deadlines for publications

keep a clear head

maintain objectivity


know different methods of delivering their materials



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