II Put in the right (appropriate) possessive pronouns

  1. Autumn has come. I like _____ beauty.
  2. I have got a relative in England. _____ aunt lives in Manchester.
  3. - Is this _____ tape-recorder? - No, they don't have a taperecorder.
  4. Put on _____ coat when you go out. It's very cold.
  5. We are going to invite all _____ friends to the party.
  6. They've got two children but I don't remember _____ names.
  7. Some women aren't happy with _____ looks.
  8. Thank you for _____ letter. It was good to hear from you again.
  9. John is a teacher but _____ sister is a nurse.
  10. I know Mr Watson but I don't know _____ wife.


III Choose the right word.

  1. Are these your/yours shoes?
  2. They know our/ours address but we don't know their/theirs.
  3. That's not my/mine umbrella. My/mine is yellow.
  4. Can we use your/yours telephone? Our/ours is out of order.
  5. I remember the house but I don't remember its/ his/it's number.
  6. Your/yours problem is my/mine problem.
  7. I told her my/mine life story and she told me her/hers.
  8. Is this camera your/yours?
  9. Are your/yours hands warm? Mine/my are quite cold.
  10. Is this money him/his or her/hers?

IV Fill in the blanks with appropriate possessive pronouns.

  1. This is _____ (I) bag but that one over there _____ (you).
  2. He has come to see me, _____ (I) father and _____ (he) are school friends.
  3. _____ (they) holiday starts the week after _____ (we).
  4. If you are a friend of _____ (he), then you are a friend of _____ (I).
  5. You can very well do without my help but not without _____ (their).
  6. _____ (Our) was the last turn.
  7. A friend of _____ (my) is coming to stay with me next week.
  8. We went on holiday with some friends of _____ (our).
  9. Whose luggage is this? – It’s _____ (our).
  10. It’s my fault. I’m very sorry. – No, the fault is _____ (their).


V Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

1. Можно мне воспользоваться вашим принтером?

2. Этот калькулятор наш, а тот их.

3. Мы с женой рады приветствовать вас.

4. Пожалуйста, помоги мне написать доклад для него.

5. Все ваши чемоданы в их машине. Возьмите их.

6. Ваше новое пальто очень красивое. – Правда?

7. Это редкая книга. Её стоимость очень высокая.

8. Он рассказал мне свою историю жизни (life story), а я свою.

9. Чьи это цветы? – Мои. Они для моей жены.

10.Не паркуй свою машину рядом с моей.

11.Это новая книга Д.Гришэма. Она очень интересная.

VI Fill in this/that/these/those.

  1. _____ gloves are of the best quality.
  2. _____ was ages ago!
  3. _____ whole business worries me.
  4. “I won the competition!” “_____'s great!”
  5. My friend is getting married _____ year on Valentine's Day.
  6. “What do you think of this pair of sunglasses?” “I prefer _____ ones over there.”
  7. “We're moving to a bigger house!” “Really? _____'s fantastic.”
  8. “I bought _____ socks today.” “What a lovely shade of green!”
  9. “Can you pass me _____ book on the shelf behind you please?”
  10. “What's wrong, Sally?” “Well, you won't like _____, but I've got to tell you!”
  11. “_____ boots hurt my feet.” “Maybe you should get another pair.”
  12. The prices _____ days are absolutely astronomical.

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