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1) Presenters can use different techniques to get their audience's attention at the start of a presentation. Match the techniques below to the examples.


a) tell a personal story c) ask a question

b) offer an amazing fact d) state a problem


1. I wonder if any of you here know the answer to this question: What's the most popular holiday destination in Europe for people under the age of 25?

2. When I was on holiday a few years ago in Greece, the owner of a taverna told me that in 20 years' time, the little village where he lived would be a popular tourist resort.

3. Let me give you a statistic: 92% of Americans do not own a passport. Consider the opportunity this presents to the travel industry.

4. We're facing a crisis with our market share. What are we going to do about it?



2) Choose one of the presentation situations below. Prepare four different openings and practise them.


1. Your company is developing a small car aimed at women. Audience: a group of car dealers.

2. 2. Your bank wishes to encourage young people to save money. Audience: a group of students.

3. Your firm has produced a new lamp which has unique features. Audience: a group of buyers at a trade fair.


3) Complete the text with the following words and expressions:


1-14 after that finally to start with specifically outline bring you up to date illustrate purpose then sum up thank describe tell you concluding 15-28 indicated talked you will notice expand draw your attention priority referring interrupt move on balance on options recommend in conclusion pointed out



Good afternoon, everybody. I'd like to (1) ___________ you all for being here.

My (2)______________ today is to (3) ____________ about our corporate strategy for the next decade, and, more (4) _______________ ,to (5) _______________ with our plans for Europe.

(6) _____________I'd like to (7) ______________ briefly our current marketing policy in the UK. (8) ____________ I'll (9) ____________ some of the problems we're having over market share.

(10) _______________ I’ll (11) ___________________ the opportunities we see for further progress in the 21st century. (12) __________________ I’ll quickly (13) ___________before (14) _______________ with some recommendations.

Please feel free to (15) ____________ me if you have any questions at any time.

Now I'd like to (16) _____________ to Chart B showing our sales revenue and pre-tax profits over the last ten years. (17) _____________ that although turnover has risen, our profits have not increased at the same rate.

I've (18) ______________ about our current position in the UK and I’ve (19) _________ some of the problems we are facing. Well, what (20) ________________ are open to us now? Where do we go from here?

As I have already (21) ___________, I think our first (22) ______________ must be to build on the excellent results we have achieved in certain European markets. I’m (23) ___________, of course, to Italy and Spain. Let me quickly (24) _____________ on those successes before we (25) __________ .

We should not forget the French market. Admittedly our results there have been poor so far, but there are signs the market is changing and we can learn a lot from our mistakes. (26) __________, though, I think we stand to gain most from concentrating on southern Europe and I strongly (27) ___________ we put all our efforts into further expansion in Italy, Spain and possibly Greece.

(28) _______________ may I thank you all for being such an attentive and responsive audience. Thank you also for your pertinent questions. Are there any final questions?

4) Choose one of the situations below. Prepare a short presentation of 3-5 min.


Topic Audience Suggestions
A country you have visited on holiday or done business in A group of people who shortly be working there - way of life - transport - accommodation - food and drink - standard of living - customs and traditions - weather - language - people - entertainment
Your company’s main competitors   The board of directors of your company   - who they are - their strengths and weaknesses - how powerful they are in the market relative to you
Your job A group of high school students at a careers evening   - responsibilities and tasks - the future - perks and special advantages, e.g. foreign travel - qualifications - career structure


5) Project.

Students need to go through magazines, books, etc. and pick out ads that relate to mythology. For example, Nike for the goddess Nike. After they find different types of advertisements, then they are to find a company whose logo comes from mythology and research that company. They need to find out all they can about the company, why the company chose their name, e.g. Apollo Heating, or how they came to choose their logo, e.g. Pegasus for Mobil. After they have found many advertisements and a company, then they make a presentation where they share their findings as well as their knowledge of mythology.



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