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- Good morning / afternoon ladies and gentlemen / colleagues. My names

Im (Im responsible for )

- Ladies and gentlemen. Its in an honour to have the opportunity to address such a distinguished audience.

- Its my privilege today to be talking to you about

- Good morning. Let me start by saying just a few words about my own background. I started out in

- Thank you all for coming. Shall we start?

- Id like to welcome you all here this morning.

- OK / Right / Good / So, lets get started.


- I plan to say a few words / give you a talk about

- Id like to give you an overview of

- Im going to talk about / brief you on / inform you about / present the recent / describe

- The theme of my presentation is

- The subject / topic of my talk / speech/ paper is


- My talk will take about ten minutes.

- My presentation will take about two hours but therell be a twenty minute break in the middle.

- After my talk therell be time for a discussion and any questions.


- Ive divided my talk into (three) parts.

- My talk will be in (three) parts.

- First Second Third

- In the first part Then in the second part Finally

, :

- So that concludes the introduction. / Thats all for the introduction.

- Now lets move on to the first part of my talk, which is about

- To start with, Id like to consider

- To begin with

- First of all, Id like to look at

- Lets start / begin with

- First / Firstly,

- At the first stage

- There are three things to consider. First

, :

- Those are the main points on

- Thats all I have to say about

- That completes / concludes my overview of

- That covers

- So thats the general picture for

- Overall/ To put it briefly / In a nutshell

, , :

- Now, lets move on to / turn to

- Moving on to / Turning to

- So we come to

- The next point Id like to make is about

- This brings / leads me to my next point

- A connected point is

- Second / Secondly

- Let me now go on to consider

- The next step is to

- Now, lets look at


- There are three things to consider. First Second Third

- There are two kinds of The first is The second is

- We can see four advantages and two disadvantages. First Second

- Lets look at / consider two options One way to solve the problem is.. Another is

- There are (seven) different stages of the process. First / then / next / after that / then / after theres / last

- There are two steps involved. The first step is The second step is

- There are four stages to the project. At the beginning later then finally

- Ill describe the development of the idea. First the background, then the present situation, and then the prospects for the future.


- Right, that ends (the third part of) my talk.

- Thats all I want to say for now on


- I'd like to end by emphasising the main points.

- Id like to finish with a summary of the main points / some observations based on what Ive said / some conclusions (recommendations) / a brief conclusion.

- There are two conclusions / recommendations.

What we need is

I think we have to

- That concludes my talk. Thanks for listening. Now Id like to invite your comments.


- Now we have half an hour for questions and discussion.

- Right. Now any questions or comments?

- So, now Id be very interested to hear your comments.

- That brings me to the end of my presentation. Are there any questions?


- Thats a difficult question to answer in a few words.

- I would say / It could be

- In my experience

- I dont have much experience in that field.

- Im afraid thats outside the scope of my talk.

- Ill have to come to that later, perhaps during the break as were short of time.

- Sorry, Im not sure Ive understood. Could you repeat?

- Do you mean?

- I didnt catch (the last part of) your question.

- If I understood you correctly, you mean? Is that right?

- Thats not really my field.

- Does that answer your question?

- Is that okay?



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