19.26. ,

1. . 2. -. 3. -. 4. , ? 5. ?6. , : . 7. , . , , . 8. , , , .9. , .10. . , . , : .11. ? 12., , . , ? 13. , .14. , .15. , . 16. . 17. .


20.1. .

1. If the weather is fine tomorrow, well go to the country.

2. Ill give you this videocassette if you return it next week.

3. They wont return in time unless they harry.

4. If you interrupt again, you will have to go outside.

5. If I promise to give you the letter, will you come back?

6. She wont get better unless she calls a doctor.

7. The whole matter will be forgotten if I manage to produse the letter.

8. If you see Dave tomorrow, tell him Id like to have a word with him.

9. You wont be forgiven unless you return the money you have taken.

10.What will he do if he doesnt get their answer?

11.If they dont come to our party, well be upset.

12.If they want to come, theres nothing we can do.


20.2. .


1. He wont come on time if

2. They will pass their tests if

3. Your eyes will get tired if

4. The tourists will lose their way if

5. Youll catch cold if

6. The team will lose the game if


1. Hell forget to lock the door unless

2. Hell fail his exam unless

3. Ellen will gain weight unless

4. Well have a party tomorrow unless

5. She wont accept our invitation unless

6. Mother wont notice anything unless



1. If you dont get a job

2. If you read too much

3. If you arent careful in the street

4. If he forgets to warn them about the changes

5. If I dont have enough time to pack my things

6. If she phones too late


20.3. .


1. They`ll understandit ringht a. if you don`t have a ticket.

2. Ben will post the letter b. if I get this job.

3. Maria will get some money c. if it is too cold.

4. I`ll buy a new car d. if you explaint it to them.

5. You can`t get in e. if she goes to the bank.

6. She`ll lose weight f. if you are going to the States.

7. I`ll have a word with Jane g. if you press it on him.

8. You`ll need a visa h. if she is at home.

9. I won`t object i. if you ask him.

10. They won`t go to school j. if she goes on with her diet.

11.Tony will answer the phone k. if he is at home.

12.He won`t take the money i. if you try and help me.


20.4. .



: Say that again and well quarrel. -

If you say that again, well quarrel.

1. Go to the doctor and he will help you.

2. Take a taxi and well be there in time.

3. Switch on the radio and youll hear the news.

4. Wait a minute and I will explain it to you.

5. Listen to me and you will understand everything.

6. Turn over the page and youll see that picture.

7. Come late once more and youll be fired.

8. Folow the instructions and you wont get lest.

9. Buy all those things and youll have no money left.

10.Go along this street and youll see the bank on your left.



:Wind up your watch, or else it will stop.-

If you dont wind up your watch, it will stop.

1. Put that book back at once, or Ill get angry.

2. Put on something warm, or else youll catch cold.

3. Tell me the truth, or else Ill learn everything on my own.

4. Get up at once, or else youll be late.

5. Mind your spelling, or else youll never get good marks.

6. Say you are sorry, or else your mother will never forgive you.

7. Answer this letter, or he will take offence.

8. Take this job, or else you will have no more chancer.

9. Ring him up, or else you wont get the instruction.

10.Read the map carefully, or else youll get lost.


20.5. .


1. , .

2. , .

3. , .

4. , .

5. , ?

6.- ?

- , .

7. , .

8. , , .

9. , .

10. , .

11. , .

12. , - .


20.6. .


1. If I knew his address, I`d write him.

2. If he had more spare time, he would help us.

3. If we received that letter tomorrow, we would answer immediately.

4. If he were here, he would answer your question.

5. If she was/were here, they would ask her a few questions.

6. If were you, I wouldn`t dare to argue.

7. He would certainly agree if he were in your place.

8. Phil would travel if he had more money.

9. If they didn`t want to go, they wouldn`t.

10. I`d go out if it weren`t snowing.

11. If she didn`t come to their party next week, they would be very angry.

12. What would you do if your house were broken into?

13. Ellen wouldn`t give me any money if I asked her.

14. Would you give me money if I asked you?

15. What would you do if you found somebody`s purse?

16. Unless they jffered more, I wouldn`t accept the job.

17. If he were offered a job in Chicago, he would have to move there.


20.7. .


1. They would be disappointed 2. Many people would be out of work 3. I would be surprised 4. What would happen 5. I would be terribly upset 6. She would understand everything 7. I would take a job 8. He wouldnt get much money for his car 9. What would you buy   10. Youd feel better   11. I wouldnt argue 12. Would you buy this flat 10. He would be really angry 11. I would be grateful 12. I would listen to the elders advice 16. What would you say a. if I was/were offered it.   b. if I lost his ring.     c. if he sold it. d. if I took his car without asking. e. if we didnt come to their party. f. if this factory closed down.   g. if you overslept tomorrow?   h. if he refused to lend you some money. i. if you helped me with this problem. j. if I were you.   k. if you explained the situation to her. l. if you won a lot of money? m. if I wasnt/werent absolutely sure I was right. n. if you were offered this job? o. if you stopped smoking.   p. if you had enough money?



20.8. .



: The weather isnt warm today. We wont go hiking.

If the weather were / was warm today, we would go hiking.

1. We doesnt know us weii. He wont invite us.

2. We dont like chicken. We wont buy it.

3. Im not cold. I wont put on a sweater.

4. She doesnt like ballet. She wont go to the ballet house with us.

5. He doesnt know mycousin. He wont meet her at the station.

6. She doesnt like coffe. She never buys it.

7. He doesnt read English books in the original. He wont Improve his English.

8. He doesnt try to save money. He wont Travel this summer.

9. I have no appetite. I wont take more meat.

10. They are not here. I wont talk to them.

11. It isnt windy told. We wont fly a kite.

12. Mary doesnt earn much. She doesnt buy anything new.

13. Jane hasnt got a DVD-player. She doesnt watch many films.



: He knows the town very well. He often shows uisitors about it. If he didnt know so well, he wouldnt show visitors about it.

1. Betty is fond of reading. She has so many books at home.

2. He lives near the University. It takes him ten minutes to get there.

3. He weather is nasty. Well stay indoors.

4. He earns a lot of money. He travels a lot.

5. Dan has got a dog. He knows a lot about dogs.

6.Bell has got a lot of free time. She watches TV three hours a day.

7. Chris lives far from his office. He gets up very early.

8. He is a really interesting person. I always enjoy talking to him.

9. This book is very useful. I want to buy it.

10.I like this film. Ill bay the cassette.

11. I think the play will be interesting. Ill go to the theatre.

12.The plant is going to close down. Many people will be out of work.

13. The road is repaired. It will take us less time to get home.

14. We are moving into a new flat. We wont have to spend so much time on going to work.


. 20.9. , .



1. If the weather was / were bad

2. If somebody stole my bag / purse

3. If I were offered a good job

4. If I had a brithday party

5. If I were working in London

6. If I were a publisher

7. If I were a film-star

8. If I had a pet

9. If it were summer now

10.If had more free time

11.If he were younger




1. Id talk more politely to them if

2. Id go to the theatre if

3. They would know English better if

4. He would travel more if

5. She would talk on the phone less if

6. Chris would write letters to his parents if

7. Alice would study better if

8. Id lend him money if

9. Id borrow money from him if

10.Hed be offered a good job if


20.10. , .



1.If I (to have) enough money, I (to buy) this overcoat.

2.Larry (to write) them if he (to have) their addres.

3. If you (to travel) first class, it (to cost) over 650 000 rubles.

4. If you (to ask) Esther, she (to help) you.

5. If I (to stop off) in Boston, I (to stay) with my friends.

6.If you (to see) her now, yoy (not to recognize) her.

7.What you (to do) if you (to ask) to help us?

8.If I (to go) to doctor, he (to give) me a certificate?

9.If I ( to be) you, I( to choose) a differen topic.

10.What you (to do) if you (to be) in place?


1. How long it (to take) you to get to the University if you (to move) into this flat?

2. They (not to be pleased) if we (to come) without asking.

3. I (not to be surprised) if the money (to find) at his place.

4. If he (to ask) about this case, he (not to tell) anything. He is too frightened.

5. What (to happen) if there (to be) a serious nuclear accident?

6. If there (to be) a flood in this area, you (not to get) a penny in compensation.

7. If we (not to waste) so much energy, our resources to last) longer.

8. I (not to be) in this job unless I (to be) a doctor!

9. Unless we (to think) new research was necessary, we (not to spend) money on it.

10. Just imagine what the world (to be) like if we (not to have) electricity!


1. There (not to be) so many articles on astrology unless so many people (to be interested) in it.

2. If my car (to be stuck) in a traffic jam, I (to be) very angry.

3. I never (to hit) anybody unless they (to hit) me.

4. If you (to watch) TV, you (to choose) a western or a comedy.

5. You (not to get) this job unless you (to have) some qualifications.

6. You (to make) a scene if you (provoke)?

7. I (to refuse) to go unless the company (to pay) my expenses.

8. Who you (to ask) if you (not to know) now to do it?

9. I (to buy) this car if I (to be) richer.

10.No one (to buy) it it unless it (to have) a guarantee.



20.11. .


1. , .

2. . , .

3. , , .

4. , .

5. , - .

6. .

7. , .

8. , .

9. , .

10. , .

11. .

12. , ?

13. , .


20.12. .


1.If he had put on a warm coat yesterday, he would not have caught cold.

2.If I had seen him yesterday, Id have given him a piece of my mind.

3.If he had realised the danger, he would have run away.

4.Tony wouldnt have been so depressed if he had known everything.

5.If George had gone to the party last night, he wouldve seen Bell there.

6.Unlass you had studied film history, youd never have passed that test!

7.We wouldnt have chosen this tour unless it had been escored. And we liked it a lot.

8.Would you have gone to Rio if you had known it was going to be so hot there?

9.Matthew wouldnt have left the children alone for too long if it hadnt been so necessary to see the doctor.

10.How much would you have spent on your holiday if you had gone first class instead of second?

11.If the mother hadnt left the scissors on the floor, the kid wouldnt have cut his finger.


20.13. .


1.Id have gone to see you

2.The accident would have happened

3. They would come to our party

4. She would have bought that necklace

5. We wouldnt have become a teacher

6. Tom wouldve been late for his interview

7. He wouldt have become a teacher

8. No one wouldve bothered you

9. Id have sent you a postcard while I was on holiday

10. He wouldve never asked you to dive him a lift


a. if I had known your addres.

b. jf she had had enough money on her.

c. if I had known that he was expecting my call.

d. if I had known you were ill.

e. if you had witnessed the crime?

f. if she hadnt been wearing a seat-belt.

g. if you had checked everything before the departure.

h. ..if the driver in front hadnt stopped so suddenly.

i. if he had missed the train.

j. if he had left some clues, but he didnt!


20.14. .


: If it didnt rain, wed go for a walk. (yesterday).

If it nadnt rained yesterday, wed have gone for a walk.

1. They would come if you invited them. (yesterday night)

2. If you werent so careless, you wouldnt make such foolish mistakes. (then)

3. If they were present, we would discuss it with them. (last Monday)

4. If it were sunny, wed go to the beach. (the day before)

5. If she were ready, she would take her exam. (last week)

6. If Gerry werent so busy, Id ask him to help me. (in the morning)

7. If you had a spare ticket, Id see the performance. (yesterday)

8. If I knew English better, Id be working as an interpreter. (then)

9. If Phil practised more, hed play the guitar better. (at the concert)

10. If I had time, Id go shopping with you. (yesterday)

11. He would fill out that from if he didnt forget about it. (at the airport)



20.15. .


1.If the students had practised harder

2.If the form had been filled out correctly

3.If someone had told us about the change earlier

4.If they hadnt left their money at home

5.If he hadnt lent Jim his money

6.If he hadnt got up so late

7.If his wife hadnt bought a new coat

8.If the film hadnt been so interesting

9.If the problem hadnt been urgent

10.If I hadnt passed my exam

11.If she hadnt reminded me about his birthday


20.16. .


1.If he (to see) him waving, she (to wave) back.

2.The secretary (to send) the e-mail if the manager (to ask) her to do it.

3.I (not to be) late for work yesterday if I (not to have) an early night the day before yesterday.

4.We (to spend) more time in Edinburg if we (to know) more about the city when we were booking the tour.

5.If we (to stay) in Las Vegas longer,we (to lose) all our money.

6.If we (to take) our children with us,they (to love) it!

7.If I (to buy) the car earling,it (to cost) less than now.

8.I (to spend) less time on this work if I (to have) a btter dictionary.

9.If I (to know) that it was going to rain , I (to take) an umbrella.

10.I (not to take) that tour unless they (to provide) a guide.

11.If Jane (not to forget) to wind up her watch,she (not to be late) for the interview.

12.I (to phone) you yesterday if you (to be) in town.

13.I (not to catch) cold if I (to have) my coat on.

14.She (not to scold) me if I (to come) in time.

15.If he (to know) the exam would be so difficult, he never (to take) it.


20.17. .


1. , .

2. , .

3. , .

4. , .

5. , .

6. , .

7. , .

8. , .

9. , , .

10. , .

11. , , .

12. , .

13. , .

14. , (fingerprints).


20.18. .



1.If it hadnt been for his call, I wouldnt have been late for work.

2.If it hadnt been for her letter, we would never have learnt the truth.

3.If it were not for my headache, Id be quite fine.

4.If it were not for your French classes, you wouldnt speak French so fluently.

5.But for the fog we wouild have continued our way.

6.She would be considered beautiful but for her thin lips.

7.If it were not for my state, Id be prefer to walk.

8.Nobody would say he is an American but for his accent.

9.If it hadnt been for his naughtiness, he would be the best pupil in my class.

10. If it were not for my imagination, I wouldnt get into trouble so often.



1. What would happen if I were not ready for the lesson?

2. If you asked him to come, he would arrive at once.

3. They would have called us already if they had returned from their holiday.

4. If the work was done on time, everybody should be happy.

5. I wish my friend were here.

6. The doctor suggested that he should exmime Vlad after he had taken his temperature.

7. It was necessary that they take all the precautions.

8. It was important that he saw a doctor.

9. He demanded that the patient should stay in bed.

10. I wish we had a rest.

11. He talks as though he knew all about it.


20.19. , . .


1. If you (take) better care of youself, you wouldn`t have caught cold.

2. If I (be) you, I should take the recommended medicine.

3. If you had gone to see a doctor, he (give) you a sick leave.

4. You would gargle three times a day if you (have) a sore throat.

5. What might happen if he (be) ill?

6. You should have complained if you (feel) unwell.

7. If he (have) a headache, he would better (go) home.

8. We should ask him if he (be) here.

9. We should have asked them if they (be) there yesterday.

10. If I had known about his illness, I not (ask) him to come to our place.

11. If he hadn`t treated his disease lightly, he (have) complications.

12. We would write him a letter if we (know) his address.


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