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Задание 16.25. Переведите предложения на английский язык

1. Письмо написано студентом.

2. Ремонт производится рабочими.

3. Нас встретили на станции.

4. Об этой книге будут много говорить.

5. Салат уже готов.

6. Вашингтон расположен на реке Потомак.

7. Деревья были посажены прошлой осенью.

8. Его доклад был выслушан с интересом.

9. Все письма будут написаны завтра к двенадцати часам.

10. Дом будет построен к концу следующего дня.

Задание 16.26. Переведите предложения на русский язык.


1. St. Paul’s Cathedral was built by the architect Ren. 2. When was the letter written? 3. Where have he books been put? 4. The doctor will be sent for tomorrow. 5. Many houses are built in St. Petersburg. 6. Works of English and American writers are published all over the world. 7. Robert Burns’s poems are known in many countries of the world. 8. When Charles Dickens was a little boy, his father was put into debtors’ prison 9. This opera was written a hundred years ago. 10. This novel has already been translated into five languages. 11. The dinner was being cooked when I came home. 12. By the time he came, the letter had already brought from the library? 13. Our house is being repaired now. 14. Kolya is being asked right now. 15. Have the books been already brought from the library? 16. This cinema had been built before we came here. 17. Where is you brother now? – He has been built before we came here. 18. You have just been spoken about. 19. At home she was laughed at. 20. “I have just been ordered to take the prisoners in” – said the soldier. 21. By whom has this letter been written? 22. These flowers have just been gathered. -

Задание 16.27. Переведите предложения на русский язык.


1. This story was discussed at the lesson of literature. 2. He was brought up by his sister. 3. Don’t worry, he will be helped with the work. 4. Three new schools are being built in our district. 5. I was introduced to her father yesterday. 6. When I return home, all my cases will have already been packed. 7. What text-book is refered to by you in your report? 8. Had this composition really been written before you made the report. 9. She wasn’t listened to attentively and all that she had said was soon forgotten. 10. This episode is talked about a lot at our time. 11. We were taken to the hall and offered good seats. 12. Has the medicine been sent for? – Yes it is being looked for. 13. This bridge is being built. It was being built when I saw it for the first time. 14. When I started to help them, the article was being translated. 15. When I come home, the dinner will being cooked.


Задание 16.28 Раскройте скобки, употребляя правилную форму Passive.


Something should 1) …be done… (do) to protect holidaymakers from awful experiences. So many articles 2) … (write) so far in newspapers and magazines warning tourists to guard against being victims of tricksters. The brochure advertisements ought to 3) … (approve) by ABTA before 4) …(publish) to ensure that the details which 5) … (give) aren’t misleading or inaccurate. Mr and Mrs Brown had a typical bad holiday ezperience. They arrived at the old hotel which was situated in the middle of owhere. The brochre claimed that it 6) … (build) recently, but it was obvious that it was old. It 7) … (not/decorate) for years and the paint was peeling off the walls. The previous owners had cold the hotel, which 8) … (buy) by an eldery couple. They 9) …(advise) by their children to employ staff to manage it but, unfortunately, people 10) … (still/interview) at the time when Mr and Mrs Brown arrived. Food 11) … (not/serve) in the restaurant and guests 12) … (expect) to make their own arrangements. As if that wasn’t enough, when they went to their rooms, they found the bed linen 13) … (not/change) after the previous occupants. As far as mr and Mrs Brown were concerned the hotel should 14) … (close) until adequate staff 15) … (employ). It is certainly nothing like the hotel which 16) … (bescribe) in the brochure.


Задание 16.29. Измените предложения, употребив пассивный залог. Переведите предложения на русский язык.


1) The Scots make the best fudge. … The best fudge is made by the Scots. (agent not omitted; emphasis on the agent) …

2) You should take these tablets before meals. …

3) You must wash coloured clothes seperately. …

4) The teacher sent him out of the classroom. …

5) Thousands of British tourists will visit Spain this summer. …

6) Thedentist pulled out my rotten tooth. …

7) The police are questioning him now. …

8) Someone has made a complaint. …

9) They had left the lights on. …

10) I broke my arm when I fell out of a tree. …

11) The horrible old man was slowly poisoning the cat. …

12) The snow will have covered the mounteins by Christmas. …

13) The waitrees serves breakfast at 7 am. …

14) Who delivered the parcel? …

15) Her parents made her clean her room. …

16) They will have finished the work by tonight. …

17) Someone had warned her that she might lose her job. …

18) Who discivered America? …

19) Who is going to feed your dog? …

20) Who answered the phone? …

21) Whodid they give the prize to? …

22) Which building are they going to knock down? …


Задание 16.30. Раскройте скобки, употребив правильную форму Passive.


Last week a new leisure centre 1) … was opened … (open) in the town of Halden. The centre 2) … (believe) to be the largest in Europe and it 3) … (hope) that it 4) … (visit) by over 40,000 people a month. The centre 5) …(plan) for over ten years, but it 6) … (only/make) possible by a large government grant. Unfortunately, it 7) … (not/finish) yet, but it 8) … (think) that it 9) … (complete) by next month. The centre includes an Olympic-size swimming pool and fiму tennis courts which 10) … (can/book) by phone. The gym 11) … (claim) to be the most modern in the country. The equipment 12) … (buy) in Germany and training 13) … ) provide) by five top instructors. Entrance fees are cheap because half the cost 14) … (pay) by the local council, so many local people will be able to afford them.


Задание 16.31. Передайте следующие предложения в Passive Voice.


1. You must take the box to the station. 2. You can cross the river on a raft. 3. The workers can fin­ish the building of the house very soon. 4. You must

return the books the day after tomorrow. 5. You must do three of these exercises tomorrow. 6. You can find the book you need in any library. 7. We must send these letters at once. 8. I can easily forgive this mistake. 9. You can find such berries everywhere. 11. You must do this work very carefully. 11. Them doctor says they must take her to hospital. 12. You can do the work in three days. 13. The students must return all the library books before each summer va­cation. 14. Donkeys can climb even the tallest trees.


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