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Задание 12.22. Образуйте отрицание и задайте общий вопрос к следующим предложениям

1. He will arrive tomorrow morning.

2. He will go to Stockholm next spring.

3. They will return in two hours.

4. It will rain tomorrow.

5. She will be home at eight o’clock.

6. It will be cold this winter.

7. I will take part in that concert.

8. Liz will give you a lift to town.

9. It will be cold in the evening.

10. They will perhaps publish this dictionary in spring.

11. They will issuse a low-priced edition of this book next month.

12. He will do anything to get free.

13. Someone will take care of the child.

14. They will return in month or so.


Задание 12.23. Задайте вопросы к следующим предложениям используя вопросительные слова в скобках.

1.She will go to school next year. (When? Who?)

2.I think they’ll come to see us next week. (Who? When?)

3.She will see her friend at the cinema. (Whom? Where?)

4.Tomorrow she’ll have breakfast earlier than usual. (When? Why?)

5.It will snow tonight. (When?)

6.Their group will go to London next month. (Who? When? Where?)

7.Ron will help her to pass her exam, I’m sure. (Who? Whom? What?)

8.I’ll newer want to see him again. (Whom? Why?)

9.Those Happy days will never come back. (Why?)

10.Tina will bring this new record tomorrow: be sure to come. (Who? What? When?)

11.Leave the newspaper alon: I’ll read it in the evening. (When? Who?)

12.Tomorrow our in-laws will visit us. (Who? When?)

13.They will go to the seaside in spring or in summer. (Who? When? Where)

14.He’ll never lend you money: He’s too greendy for that. (What? Why?)

Задание 12.24. Задайте вопросы к выделенным словам.


1. I think I will get up earlier tomorrow morning.

2. We shall meet our friends next week.

3. He will pack his bags tomorrow morning, he is to busy tonight.

4. I shall read ten chapters tomorrow.

5. I am tired. I’ll go and have a nap before dinner.

6. There will be a party on Sunday at the Wilsons’.

7. I’ll walk five miles tomorrow.

8. They will write a test tomorrow at their French lesson.

9. A crowd of admirers will come to the airport to see him off.

10. I wont buy this hat. It’s old-fashioned

11. Nelly will go on a round-the-world trip with her friends.

12. He will return the book tomorrow.

13. I’m so exhausted, I think I’ll go and have a bath. I’ll try to relax.


Задание 12.25. Раскройте скобки употребив Future Indefinite (Simple).


1. I think I (to be) very busy at the beginning of June.

2. He (to come) to see me in a year’s time.

3. Dinner (to be) ready in ten minutes.

4. This day (to come) sooner or later.

5. It (to be) slippery tomorrow, I’am afraid.

6. He (to behave) as usual, I’m afraid. You know how such people are.

7. You (to go) to the Opera with me tonight? They (to sing) Faust.

8. Who (to join) me? Perhaps I (to drive) to town this weekend.

9. No one (to believe) you, I hope. And I also hope you (to stop) imagining things and talking nonsense.

10. I (not to go) to that party, my dear. Your sister’s usual guests (to bore) me to death again.

11.You (to help) me or not?

12. How long you (to be away)? I (to miss) you, you know.

13. I don’t think he (to make) a really good travel agent.



Задание 12.26. Перевeдите предложения на английский язык.


1. Я думаю, что он придет на этот вечер.

2. Я надеюсь, ребенок попадет в хорошие руки.

3. Не приходите завтра в два часа: он будет занят.

4. Эта зима будет очень холодной.

5. Я уверен, что он подпишет все документы.

6. Кто пойдет завтра с нами в театр?

7. Вы напишите мне, не правда ли?

8. Я не уверена в том, что он примет ваше предложение.

9. Вы отправите это письмо сегодня?

10.–Когда ты начинаешь читать эту книгу?

–Сегодня, и я верну ее тебе на следующей неделе.

11. Я думаю, мы еще увидимся до отъезда.

12. -Когда твоя семья переезжает в новую квартиру?

-В следующем месяце.

13. Ты думаешь, мы успеем к отходу поезда?

14. Боюсь, он заблудиться.

15. Надеюсь, он больше не будет так себя вести.

16. Не торопите меня. Я все расскажу с самого начала.

17. Ты покажешь мне квартиру?


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