1. Im not early, ?

2. Im early, ?

3. I dont often do the right thing, ?

4. You couldnt give me a hand, ?

5. He works very hard, ?

6. He has to work very hard, ?

7. He used to work very hard, ?

8. He isnt used to working very hard, ?

9. You havent told her anything, ?

10. Ive told you a hundred times not to go there, ?

11. Youve been painting the ceiling, ?

12. She believed you, ?



1. You havent got a pen, ?

2. Youve had your hair cut, ?

3. You had your watch fixed yesterday, ?

4. You know where Tom is, ?

5. He brought those flowers, ?

6. Theyre unlikely to come, ?

7. Theres nothing to be afraid of, ?

8. Theres been some misunderstanding, ?

9. Dont ask me about it, ?

10. Its never too cold here, ?

11. There ara a few books on this topic, ?

12. Its a very interesting book, ?



1. This house belongs to the Johnsons, ?

2. The Johnsons own this house, ?

3. Thats the Johnsons house over there, ?

4. Someone has been here, ?

5. Someone was here last night, ?

6. Dont forget to post the letter, ?

7. He has to post the letter today, ?

8. Pass me the salt, ?

9. No one is going to help him, ?

10. Im younger that you, ?

11. There is no mail for me, ?

12. They seem to be very happy, ?


11.3 :

1. It costs ten pounds.

2. Janet lives in the center of London.

3. I wash my hair three times a week.

4. Her friend rented a new apartment.

5. Ann is friendly.

6. Mrs Brown wants to see Sally.

7. The weather is hot today.

8. They are Mr Browns children.

9. He has worked here for twelve years.

10. It takes two hours to get from here to London.

11. This record costs $9.

12. Megan has been to Australia.



11.4 : what, when, which, who, whose, why, how, how may, how much, how often, what time, where, how long.

1. has been wearing my coat? Sue has

2. pencil case is this? Its Johns

3. one of you is the tallest? I am.

4. are you doing tomorrow? Im going to the beach.

5. size are your shoes? Size 5.

6. star sign are you? Im Libra.

7. did you go on holiday? I went to the Caribbean.

8. did you start French lessons? Two years ago.

9. have you lived in America? Three years.

10. do you go to the cinema? About once a month.

11. shall we meet for dinner? About 8 oclock.

12. cheese would you like? 400 grams please.

13. cars has your family got? Weve got two.

14. do you get to school? By bus.

15. did you call him? To confirm his travel arrangements.

16. motorbike is parked outside? Its Julies.


11.5 .

1) Fred is very unhappy. What..(about).

2) I went to the cinema last night. Who.(with).

3) My grandfather comes from France. Where exactly..(from).

4) Craig had an argument. Who.(with).

5) My brothers going on holiday tomorrow. Where(to).

6) I bought a book yesterday. What..(about).

7) I got a letter today. Who.(from).

8) I fixed the shelf today. What..(with).

9) Ive got to buy a present. Who..(for).

11.6 .


What is your name?

Where and when were you born?

How old are you?

Where do you live?

Have you got a family?

How large is your family?

Do you have brothers, sisters, grandparei family?

What are your father and mother?

How many rooms are there in your flat?

What modern conveniences have you got in you flat?

What are your duties about the house?

What is your favourite subject at the college?

What books do you like to read?

What music do you like to listen to?

Do you go in for sports?

What sport do you go in for?


When do you usually get up on your working day?

What do you do in the morning when you get up?

What do you have for breakfast?

How much time does it take you to get to your school?

Do you have dinner at home or at school canteen?

What do you usually have for dinner?

Do you often go to the library?

When does your family have supper?

Do you go in for sports?

When do you usually go to bed?


What days of the week do you like and why?

What time do you get up on Sunday?

What do you do in the morning?

How do you usually spend your days off?

Do you often go to the country on your days off?

How did you spend your last Sunday?

Do you go shopping?

Do you go in for sports on Sunday?


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